Dramatics of the NBA PLayoffs

Jeremy McNishCorrespondent IApril 22, 2008

This year happens to be on of the best and most exciting in the last near history, I know we say that every year, but look at the conferences and the teams, and the positions. For instance you have many people saying Boston will win it, why because of there roster? Yet every team in the West has had to battle to even make it to the playoffs. Therefore experienced is gained, and the Lakers are extremely dangerous with the new roster in Gasol a big time finisher, Odom can create often, fisher big shot shooter, and possibly Bynum up and coming star gaining experience and composure, and Kobe, the name speaks for itself. Yet you still have New Orleans (my pick) which is a very strong team, with Chris Paul possibleMVP winnernnning the show how can you go wrong? The suns are anothe threat, along with Spurs who run at least eight deep, and help from Manu.    there are at least four teams in the West that could win it, and I garuntee, it will not be who you think it is. Back to the East watch out for the Magic silent but deadly, may not even realize they are A threat until you see them in Conference Championsip. Esseiently what I am tryin to say is don't think that is as simple as Boston VS L.A Lakers, to be honest I would be suprised if it was, that would mean they defeated the diffuclt system, we call expectation, so kick back and watch the playoffs unfold in dramatic form.   Jeremy McNish