Kings Reportedly Offering Jimmer Fredette or Marcus Thornton for Andre Miller

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistJanuary 8, 2014

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The Sacramento Kings really, really, really want Andre Miller.

UPDATE: Thursday, Jan. 9, at 2:32 a.m. ET by Ben Leibowitz

According to Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee, the Kings have not made any formal trade offers for Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller.

While the Kings have reportedly not made offers for Miller, they have talked with Denver about his availability, according to Jones.

----End of update----

Why am I repeating "really" three times when once was enough for emphasis? According to CBS Sports' Ken Berger, they've put together a trifecta of trade packages meant to lure the professor of alley-oop passes into a Sacramento uniform: 

The Kings have offered Marcus Thornton and a future second-round pick as the framework of a deal for Miller, and have presented a package including Jimmer Fredette and a future second as an alternative, two people familiar with the scenarios said Wednesday. Those people familiar with the terms of those offers did not know the third scenario presented by Sacramento, but executives gathered here for the D-League Showcase surmised that it likely involves forward Jason Thompson.

If you're the Denver Nuggets, why hesitate? 

Miller is clearly disgruntled, and it's tough to imagine getting more value back for him than a player who can contribute this season (Marcus Thornton) and an asset to help out the team in the future (the second-round pick). Even if they want to go the upside route, acquiring Jimmer Fredette and finally giving him a chance to succeed makes sense. 

Things get more shaky from Sacramento's perspective. 

Why exactly does it want Miller? 

The veteran point guard isn't going to push it over the top in the Western Conference playoff hunt, and the only benefit he'd have in the future is mentoring Isaiah Thomas and helping him develop as a passer.

Miller, the owner of one of the most historically underrated careers, is a fantastic floor general in the term's most literal sense, and he could help Thomas out there. Well, assuming he gets along with the coaching staff.

But beyond that, he doesn't offer much, and his contract isn't an expiring one.

In fact, Miller is on the books for $4,625,000 next season, but only $2 million is guaranteed money, according to must be the mentoring thing. 

Sacramento must have a reason if it's coming after Miller this aggressively, especially with Denver seemingly willing to deal him at a discount since he clearly doesn't have much of a future with the team. Maybe we'll figure it out soon enough.