Wade Phillips: Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Never Win With Him

Anthony Reyes@@TonyReyes318Contributor IJune 3, 2009

IRVING, TX - DECEMBER 20:  Head Coach Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys looks on from the side line during their NFL game against the Baltimore Ravens at Texas Stadium on December 20, 2008 in Irving, Texas. The Ravens defeated the Cowboys 33-24. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Let's start this article by explaining to readers that I am one of the biggest Dallas Cowboy fans you will ever meet.  I watch every game, analyze every play, and try to figure out why they become a disappearing act as soon as people start Christmas shopping.

The problem is not Tony Romo.  The problem is not the secondary.  The problem is not the offensive line.  The problem was not "I think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread and the real No. 81," Terrell Owens


While Wade Phillips has been the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, they have had some remarkable regular season wins.  Beating the Bills after Romo threw five interceptions and coming back to win 25-24 was his best win.  Later that season, they swept the Giants, finished the season 13-3, and had home field throughout the playoffs. 

For those who watched the playoff loss to the Giants, let's attempt to explain what happened.  Terrell Owens was coming back off of an injured ankle.  The offense had just had a drive that lasted most of the second quarter to take the lead 14-7.  There was about two minutes left.  

Wade Phillips and his patented defense gave up a touchdown in two minutes to the Giants, tying the game at 14-14 at halftime.  The rest is Giants lore by now, but anyways, Wade Phillips and his defense made Eli Manning and Steve Smith look like freaking Peyton and Marvin Harrison.  I swear Smith must have caught four passes on third down that he converted to first downs.

This past season, Dallas was playing pretty well; they were 4-2 after the overtime loss to Arizona.  Romo got injured and the team went 1-2 in his absence.  I don't care who you are, no team in the NFL is going to be the same after their starting QB goes down  (Yes, the Pats and Cassel are the exception).

The Cowboys are 5-4 and win three straight to get to 8-4 and look like they could be a dangerous team come playoff time.  Then comes the dreaded Pittsburgh game.  This game was going to make or break their season. 

Dallas looks like the best team in the NFL for 57 minutes, as they are dominating Pittsburgh on both sides of the ball and are up 13-3.  Phillips and his defense give up a field goal, making it 13-6.  There are seven minutes left in the game at this point.  Dallas gives up a touchdown, tying the game with two minutes left.  Romo throws a pick that is returned and the team loses 20-13.  Yeah, two touchdowns in seven minutes. I hate that game.

Somehow they were still in the postseason hunt.  A couple of weeks later, Dallas is playing Baltimore at home in the final game at Texas Stadium.  Dallas scores 24 and loses because Phillips and his defense give up two 80-yard runs in the final three minutes.

Romo and Philips have yet to win a playoff game.  Romo is still young and could have a promising future, but it has to be under a different coach.

As eccentric as Jerry Jones is, I know he must watch the games.  He has to get rid of Wade Phillips.  The team will NEVER win anything as long as he is there.  In my opinion, Jones needs to call Mike Shanahan and hire him immediately.

This man is a QB guru.  He won Super Bowls for Christ sake.  He made Jake Plummer into a QB.  He took a team quarterbacked by Jake "I have the worst mustache in professional sports" Plummer to the '06 AFC Championship game, where they were favored over the Steelers.

Therefore, as long as Dallas is led by Wade Phillips, they will not win playoff games, much less compete for a Super Bowl.  Please, PLEASE, I'm begging you Jerry to call Shanahan and make the offer already.