WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Top 5 Stars Who Will Break Out at PPV Event

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Top 5 Stars Who Will Break Out at PPV Event

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    The 27th annual edition of the Royal Rumble is just around the corner, and above all else, it traditionally serves as a turning point for plenty of careers.

    The 30-man extravaganza Rumble match is a breeding point for career boosts, breakups and huge swerves—but it is the first that grabs the attention here.

    There is plenty of talent on the WWE roster that have been quietly waiting for a chance to break out and launch a career for real. That opportunity could well arrive at the Royal Rumble.

    Let's take a look at the top five stars who have the potential to launch their careers at the historic pay-per-view event.

Big E Langston

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    Big E Langston may have already broken out in some people's minds—but the Royal Rumble may well be where he launches himself as a serious top star.

    Langston has been on an impressive run as Intercontinental Champion—and whether he defends the belt at the Royal Rumble is clearly undecided at this moment in time. If he doesn't, that would mean he will be taking part in the Rumble match—which could be a platform for Langston to impress.

    His brute strength and dominant power could see him go quite a long way in the Rumble scenario, in truth. If he is still as over as he was with creative a few months ago, we could well see a new top star being born in the shape of Big E.

Seth Rollins

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    With The Shield's impending split on the horizon, much of the talk will be of Roman Reigns and his impressive performances of late. However, despite the fact that he will undoubtedly be a breakout star—Seth Rollins has the potential to be, too.

    Rollins has almost been the quiet, unreserved member of the trio in the past few months. Whilst Dean Ambrose has been unanimously brilliant on the microphone, Roman Reigns has been spearing himself into everyone's thoughts in the WWE.

    Then there's Rollins.

    It's perhaps easy to forget that he was an NXT Champion—and the guy who came across with The Shield with the most promise. His technical ability could see him rise to the top during the Rumble match.

The Real Americans

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    Will we see The Real Americans get a title shot at the Royal Rumble? This writer certainly hopes so—they are the best placed contenders of all the teams, to be honest.

    What's not to like? They have a manager in Zeb Colter, who can certainly get the crowd going, that is for sure.

    One of their members is a former World Heavyweight Champion in Jack Swagger—he certainly has ability in the ring, too.

    And then there is Antonio Cesaro. He's the guy with the patented swing that brings the crowd to their feet. They seem to have everything.

    The time almost seems right for the tag titles to switch hands—and The Real Americans would give the belts serious prestige.

Bray Wyatt

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    When he was operating under his Husky Harris gimmick, almost nobody would have predicted that he would be on the brink of being a top star in the WWE.

    Fast forward to the 2014 Royal Rumble, and Bray Wyatt will become a top star at the pay-per-view—largely thanks to Daniel Bryan.

    Their feud has elevated to such a height that they will both leave the Royal Rumble as top stars. Their storyline could well come to a head in the Rumble match—which would set the spark for WrestleMania season for Bray.

    His demonic, twisted character has truly been a success—and it will only become bigger and brighter.

Roman Reigns

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    Even though Seth Rollins could shine at the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns will shine.

    It all stems back to Survivor Series, when his chain of devastating spears made plenty of people realise that Reigns is a star in the making.

    He confirmed his storyline role as head of The Shield this past week on Raw, when he became the first member of the group to beat CM Punk in a singles match.

    Could Reigns even go as far as to win the entire Rumble and go on to headline WrestleMania 30? Perhaps, but it is more likely he will use the match to kick-start The Shield's split.

    Watch out for Reigns at the Royal Rumble—he is the guy who will break out big time.