The 5 Best Beards and Mustaches in MMA History

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterJanuary 13, 2014

The 5 Best Beards and Mustaches in MMA History

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    For years, the debate has raged. It has raged like an unrelenting storm, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

    Dan Severn? Or Don Frye?

    There's no middle ground. Who has the best facial hair? You're either a Dan Man, or a Frye Guy. And the bright dividing line between the two is like the San Andreas Fault, opening riffs between friends and families and turning many a barbershop debate to an unadulterated bloodbath of blood violence. 

    We here at Bleacher Report are not immune to the acrimony. But we're journalists first. We are truth seekers. We want to find solutions to society's problems. And that's why we want to end the discord and the heartache once and for all. 

    So here we are. Let this be the final word. Is it Severn, or is it Frye? And for that matter, who are the five best facial hair stars in all of MMA history? Let this slideshow be your guide. 

5. Ian McCall: Handlebar Mustache

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    Ian McCall changes his facial hair frequently, and possibly with the seasons. But the flyweight's handlebar mustache, straight out of a Dodge City apothecary, is his classic look and, if I may, a classic look for the sport. 

    Is it the face that landed the UFC its Fox TV deal? I don't know. I'm not a media reporter. But is it likely that Uncle Creepy's handlebarred visage, and the promise of beaming same to households around the nation and world, paved the way to broadcasting riches? I say yes.

4. Evan Tanner: There Will Be Blood, Part 1

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    Evan Tanner was into beards before beards were cool.

    When the late, great Tanner wasn't being or fighting a UFC champion, he was doing all sorts of other alpha male stuff, like growing this, the true pioneer of MMA beards. He also enjoyed prospecting for silver in the Black Hills. There she is.

3. Dan Severn: The Super Soup Strainer

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    The middle portion of the mustache, where the part occurs, is where all the business happens. Along the sides, there's the mischief. See at the end where it flips up with just a tiny hint of jauntiness? That's where the party's at.

    Truly, The Mustache of The Beast has many sides. Many shades. And that's what lends it its air of mystery and of timelessness. It's not unlike the Mona Lisa in that way. No matter where you are in the room, Severn's mustache seems to follow you. Go on, punk, it says. Make a Freddie Mercury joke. Do it. Make that mustache's day.

2. Don Frye: Whiskbroom of Doom

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    Whereas Mr. Severn's mustache sits with dignity upon the lip and only hints at the possibility of full-on rebellion, Mr. Frye's rendition openly defies convention. Welcome to Dodge City, it says. And make it a double.

    It's thicker, denser, more leonine than Severn's. All steel wool and trapezoids. It wants you to know that the terrorists don't win here. Not in these parts. And neither does your namby-pamby outlook on life, where you hide in the shadows, shifting between fearing the truth itself and your own capacity for expressing it.

    Yes, this is the best facial hair in the history of mixed martial arts. Maybe in all of history.

    But wait, what's that? In the distance? What's that sound? It's like the thundering of a million pairs of hooves. Why, it''s... 

1. Mike Beltran: I Have No Idea

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    It's Mike Beltran. And his navel-length hybrid mustache/beard/mutton chop masterpiece thingy is the king of MMA facial hair, now and forever.

    I have a rule in life. When you can braid your facial hair, you win. Although I must say, I enjoy Mr. Beltran's facial hair loose and free-flowing. Look at the way it flutters in the wind here as he runs to call the stoppage. It's like something out of a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

    And I, for one, cannot deny such beauty. Hail to the chief.


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