Michigan's 2014 National Signing Day Wish List

Adam Biggers@@AdamBiggers81Senior Analyst IIJanuary 14, 2014

Michigan's 2014 National Signing Day Wish List

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    Adoree Jackson probably won't sign with Michigan, but the Wolverines are allowed to wish.
    Adoree Jackson probably won't sign with Michigan, but the Wolverines are allowed to wish.Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

    Michigan pretty much knows who it'll get Feb. 5. 

    Already with 16 commits in their 2014 class, the Wolverines have three more spots to fill before they enter the next phase of pre-fall planning.

    With Wilton Speight joining the fold, Team 135 has a strong quarterback who'll likely become a key contributor down the road.

    The addition of Bryan Mone will help the defensive line, and the acquisition of linebackers Michael Ferns, Chase Winovich and Noah Furbush should make the front four's life a little easier within the next two years. 

    For all intents and purposes, those guys are locks to sign Feb. 5.

    But...(you knew it was on the way) Wolverines coach Brady Hoke most likely has a wish lista journal that contains the names of a few "what-if?" types who linger in recruiting limbo.

    While some are committed, there are pockets of available/entertaining options 4- and 5-star prospects waiting to say "Yes! to Michigan." 

    This slideshow will examine the longest of long shots, the wishiest of wish-listers and the rest of the no-way-will-they-pick-Michigan crowd that Hoke would love to have. 

    *Player info is provided by 247Sports.

Adoring Adoree' Jackson

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    The Goods on Adoree' Jackson

    Position ranking: No. 2 CB, No. 8 overall, No. 1 in California

    Vitals: 5'9.5", 182 pounds, 4.44-second 40-yard dash

    School: Junipero Serra (Gardena)

    If 247Sports made predictions on which teams won't get Adoree' Jackson, Michigan would probably top the charts. 

    As of Jan. 13, Jackson, a 5-star cornerback who'd look great running alongside Jabrill Peppers, was expected to choose USC, although his 247 profile indicated "warmer" interest in Florida. 

    So, he's warm for warm states. 

    Fair enough.

    Michigan's recent minus 30 temps probably don't seem too attractive when paired with a 7-6 finish and overall discombobulation following an embarrassing bowl loss to K-State. 

    Again, fair enough. 

    Should the track star—yes, he's a two-sporter—decide to brave the elements and join Team 135, defensive coordinator Greg Mattison would jump for joy, secondary coach Curt Mallory would join in the celebration and the Wolverines would brag about having the best one-two frosh corner combo known to man. 

    Jackson probably won't make a last-second commitment to and sign with Michigan on Feb. 5.

    But it's fun to think about, isn't it? 

Later, Lorenzo Carter

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    Lorezno Carter has interest in Georgia, per 247Sports.
    Lorezno Carter has interest in Georgia, per 247Sports.Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

    The Goods on Lorenzo Carter

    Position ranking: No. 2 WDE, No. 14 overall and No. 1 in Georgia

    Vitals: 6'5", 232 pounds, 4.63 40-yard dash

    School: Norcross 

    In short, Lorenzo Carter is a bigger, faster and meaner version of just about every defensive end in the 2014 class, so it should come to no surprise that he's being pursued by national powers such as Alabama and Florida State. 

    Hey, that's just how these things work. 

    It would take an incredible stroke of dumb luck for Carter to consider leaving the south, let alone committing to a Big Ten program, especially one that finished 7-6 in 2013 and is in a desperate scramble for national relevancy. 

    Nope, Carter will have everything waiting on a silver platter for him in Tuscaloosa. And if not there, similar comforts will be at Georgia or Florida. 

    In terms of needs, Carter fits the bill. He's a physical pass-rusher who would immediately add the intimidation factor to any defensive unit.

    Sadly for Hoke, Michigan isn't even a blip on this kid's radar. 

Jones for John 'JuJu' Smith

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    The Goods on JuJu Smith

    Position ranking: No. 2 ATH, No. 13 overall, No. 2 in California

    Vitals: 6'1", 200 pounds, 4.6-second 40-yard dash

    School: Long Beach Poly

    In terms of young secondaries, Adoree' Jackson, Jabrill Peppers and JuJu Smith would be a Barcelona-esque dream team. 

    What a 15-star trio that'd be.

    Big Ten offenses would probably abandon plans of going aerial and spend four quarters inching the ball along the ground.

    Who could blame them?

    With Smith at safety (and maybe at receiver) and Peppers and Jackson at the the corners, quarterbacks would have to be certifiably insane to think of aiming downfield. 

    Unfortunately for Hoke, Michigan has long been out of the running for Smith, who's expected to choose Notre Dame, although USC is right in the mix too. 

    He's had an offer from Hoke since Feb. 6, 2013. No visit. No nothing. 

Gopher Jeff Jones

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    The Goods on Jeff Jones

    Position ranking: No. 9 RB, No. 110 overall, No. 1 in Minnesota

    Vitals: 5'11," 196 pounds, 4.69-second 40-yard dash

    School: Minneapolis Washburn 

    Letting this kid get out of Minnesota would be a huge mistake for the Gophers, who, at the moment, have a verbal from Jeff Jones. 

    But Michigan is hot on the trail and a flip seems to be just around the corner. In this case, moving from Minnesota to Michigan would be a vertical leap, not a unilateral scoot.

    Although surprisingly potent during late stretches in 2013, it's doubtful that the Gophers will hang onto Jones, an incredibly deceptive but not very fast ball-carrier. 

    This one's doable, folks. With new coordinator Doug Nussmeier, Michigan's offense could get back to the traditional ground-and-pound style this fall. Well, that's what most thought this past fall, but Al Borges proved everyone wrong. 

    That being said, Jones seems like a logical fit. He's a tough customer, and Nussmeier dealt with great backs while at Alabama.

    Jones would be at home in Ann Arbor, and Team 135 could use his services. 

Wish Upon Jacory Washington

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    Jacory Washington would be a great complement to UM's TE corps.
    Jacory Washington would be a great complement to UM's TE corps.Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

    The Goods on Jacory Washington

    Position ranking: No. 6 TE, No. 208 overall, No. 13 in Louisiana

    Vitals: 6'5," 220 pounds

    School: Westlake

    Jacory Washington is essentially a more filled-out Ian Bunting. He's not quite Jake Butt, but Washington will most likely pack on 20 pounds in time for his sophomore season.

    Physically, he's exactly the type of tight end Michigan has been after during the past few years—a long, tall and athletic pass-catcher, not necessarily a bruising blocker. 

    Imagine a well consisting of Devin Funchess, a receiver-tight end, A.J. Williams, Butt, Bunting and Washington, along with a corps of existing talent...it'd be an ideal, picture-perfect scenario for Nussmeier. 

    Running backs coach Fred Jackson recruited Washington, who never visited Ann Arbor. It's unlikely that Washington will decommit from LSU, but in the event that happens, Jackson might want to get back on the phone and make things happen. 

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