Neymar's Handshake with Fernanda Lima at the Ballon D'Or Awards Was Awkward

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterJanuary 14, 2014


During the FIFA Ballon d'Or ceremony in Zurich some of the key figures from Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup were invited up on stage to talk about the event.


Among them was Neymar, who distracted everyone's attention from the World Cup questions by taking part in a really awkward handshake with host Fernanda Lima.

The presenter went in high, presumably for a kiss on the cheek, while Neymar drifted in low, looking for a handshake. The end result was a wrist-grab, which Lima swiftly put an end to.

Neymar's probably going to collect his fair share of awards in the coming years, so he'll need to get his technique nailed down.