Source: Twins Like Brett Jackson

AlexAnalyst IJune 4, 2009

Picture From DailyCal

The MLB Draft will take place next week, and teams are gearing up to make decisions on who exactly they'll take with their picks. A source has informed that the Minnesota Twins have their eye set on University of California outfielder, Brett Jackson.

The Twins have the 22nd pick in the first round of the draft, and a recent mock draft done by has Jackson headed later in the first round to the New York Yankees. Some reports say that the San Francisco Giants have interest in Jackson with the 6th pick, and the team has even had him at their ballpark for batting practice in front of team personnel. 

The source reports that the Twins today had Jackson visit an optometrist, and he tested for a 20/10 vision. The source believes that if Jackson is on the board when the Twins pick, which he very well might not be with the interest of other teams, that the Twins will most likely make the selection. 

In the past two drafts, the Twins have selected outfielders with Ben Revere and most recently Aaron Hicks. Some reports have the Twins looking to add pitching with the first pick, but the team has long been known for taking the top player available on their board.