Dennis Rodman Checks into Rehabilitation Center

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2014

Getty Images

Dennis Rodman has entered rehab for alcoholism.

Per the Associated Press' Dan Gelston:

Dennis Rodman has checked into an undisclosed alcohol rehabilitation center to treat his long-time struggle with alcoholism, his agent says.

Darren Prince declined to say which facility will treat Rodman and how long he will be there. Rodman recently returned to the United States from his latest trip to North Korea.

Rodman is fresh off a public relations disaster from his trip to Pyongyang. Seven former NBA veterans and four streetballers flanked "The Worm" for what was supposed to be a goodwill basketball game and birthday present to Kim Jong-Un, with whom Rodman has formed a friendship.

However, Rodman's antics often overshadowed what was the original goal of the trip, that of an exchange of ideas.

Rodman lashed out when asked about Kenneth Bae, an American who's imprisoned in North Korea, per CNN's Jethro Mullen. He later apologized. The former Chicago Bulls star admitted to drinking before he made the inflammatory remarks.

He also sang "Happy Birthday" to the North Korean leader, which many outside of North Korea felt was in poor taste.

Charles D. Smith, a former New York Knicks veteran who accompanied Rodman to North Korea, voiced his concern about the way the trip was being perceived back home, per the AP's Eric Talmadge:

I feel a lot of remorse for the guys because we are doing something positive, but it's a lot bigger than us. We are not naive, we understand why things are being portrayed the way they are. We can't do anything about that, if we could we would.

Rodman has always been eccentric, but you knew something was wrong when he commented on Bae's imprisonment. 

You watch his Hall of Fame induction and see somebody who can be thoughtful and articulate. It was a moving, emotional speech.

That version of Rodman was nowhere to be found in North Korea. Here's hoping that he can find it after his stint in rehab.