Report: WWE Looking to Call Up New Divas Soon

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 19, 2014

Emma, soon to be a regular on Raw?
Emma, soon to be a regular on Raw?from

Kaitlyn's departure from WWE last week reinforced the company's need to get some new girls on its main roster.

The only new female star the company has made this year is Eva Marie from Total Divas. And while the photogenic former model may be of great use to WWE when it comes to landing magazine covers and getting outside television roles, she's certainly not the woman who's going to revamp the Divas division.

In this week's (subscription-required) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez reports that people in WWE management are looking to call up NXT stars Emma (aka Tenille Dashwood) and Paige (aka Britani Knight):

There has been talk for a while that both Emma and Paige are likely to be main roster girls soon. Paige has been out of action for a bit with an injury but will probably be Raw-bound soon enough.

Emma, who was trained by former WWE and WCW wrestler Lance Storm as he recently mentioned on Twitter, already made somewhat of a debut on Monday's Raw: The Australian could be seen briefly in the crowd holding a sign saying “Emma-taining” during the AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka vs. Cameron/Naomi bout.

Paige, with her belt.
Paige, with her belt.from

It'll be interesting to see where this storyline goes. Emma has garnered a decent following on NXT with her character—a hilariously inept dancer who doesn't recognize how bad she truly is. It's one of the few comedic things WWE bookers have done in recent years that is actually funny and can get the crowd into it.

In fact, as the start of this video shows, people in the audience have now started dancing along with her during her entrances.

As for Paige, the British Diva is far and away the most talented girl in developmental. She can talk, she can wrestle and she has personality and charisma in spades.

The really perplexing thing is why she has spent so long in development. OK, she is rather young—she's 21—and WWE management might feel she's not mature enough to handle being on the road just yet, but that didn't stop them calling up the 19-year-old Total Divas cast member JoJo Offerman, did it?

Regardless, it looks like the Divas division is about to get a lot better.