Jacoby Jones Gives Amazing, Possibly Drunk Interview at Pelicans Game

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 22, 2014

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones appeared to be relaxed, happy and maybe even buzzed on Tuesday night.

Jones is enjoying his offseason and recently returned to his hometown of New Orleans to kick back, eat Po’ Boys and take in some roundball.

The Baltimore wide receiver was sitting courtside for Tuesday night’s game between the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans when he was asked to participate in an impromptu interview. 

The result was a beautifully honest and possibly intoxicated bit of television, which was spotted by John Ferensen of NextImpulseSports.com. Jones held his own, but certainly sounded like he had pregamed the event with a respectable number of hand grenades. 

The interview began with a question about the wideout's free agency. What does the future hold for Jacoby Jones, hero of Super Bowl XLVII? He doesn’t know. 

“I love home, always. But I’d love to go back to Baltimore,” Jones said. “Only God knows...it’s a business, it’s a crazy situation. So I’m just waiting.” 

This question was followed up by an inquiry regarding his offseason training regimen. There's plenty of time for that later, according to Jones.

“Right now? I’m being fat!” Jones said. “I’m eating crawfish, hot sauce and Po’ Boys...There goes Meachem! Oh Lord, here we go!” 

The conversation turned to Super Bowl XLVIII. Who does Jacoby think is going to win this upcoming cold weather showdown?

“I think that the team that plays outside all the time is going to win the game,” Jones said. “Which both teams do.”

It’s tight, but Jacoby is picking Denver for the win. He can’t bet against Peyton Manning, who also enjoys kicking back with some beer when the time is right. 

I could never hold this moment against Jacoby, as it was beautiful, honest and quite entertaining. Not to mention, fans are required by writ of law to consume at least three Jesters before attending a Pelicans-Kings game in New Orleans. 

God bless you, Jacoby Jones. Even in your downtime, you continue to deliver the goods.


Yes ma’aaaaaaammmm!