MMA: KO'd Boxing?

Brent FarleyContributor IJune 5, 2009

LONDON - JANUARY 17:  (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) UFC president Dana White attends the 'Octagon' private view at Hamilton's Gallery January 17, 2007 in London, England.  The exhibition showcases work by photographer Kevin Lynch documenting the world of Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) events.  (Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images)

Sugar Ray, Big George Foreman and Iron Mike Tyson have been replaced with names like Iceman, Rampage and The Axe Murderer. 

Upper cuts and boxing gloves have been replaced. 

The ropes have been taken down and an octagon has been put in its place. And for what once was known as a brutal sport has taken center stage, replacing boxing as the favorite!

I for one have made the switch. 

Boxing for me, now that I have seen the light is boring. I enjoy the opportunity of fighting with fists and feet. I enjoy the freedom the fighters have in mixing it up.  Boxing- stand up and punch. Dodge the fist and the referee breaks you up every time you touch. 


MMA—break them up if they are not giving the fans what they came to see—a fight!

As the UFC continues to grow in popularity, what will happen with boxing? 

I am sure the die-hard boxing fans will stay true to their sport. But even Oscar De La Hoya has jumped over to the MMA side, at one time promoting a boxing event and MMA event in the same town!

The fact MMA can survive along side boxing alone tells me that MMA is and will be a force to be dealt with.

Can boxing survive a submission attempt by the MMA community? Will boxing tap out and MMA be the sport of the 2000's? 

MMA is still young. They are still growing and changing to maximize their existence. 

As long as Dana White continues to pull the strings, I see good things ahead for the fans of MMA!