Milam Boyle's Huge Shot Garners National Push for ESPN's SportsCenter

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 23, 2014

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It's hard to decide which is a more beautiful: the high-arching bucket Milam Boyle sank in Tuesday's game or the delightful outpouring of support it sparked. 

For the uninitiated—and judging by the amount of attention this shot is getting, there aren't many of you left— The San Antonio Express-News' Kolten Parker has a report on a sports moment that should put a smile on even the most jaded person's face.

It all starts when Boyle, who the report describes as having a "minor developmental disability," hit a fourth quarter shot for his Bandera High School (Texas) in Tuesday's 68-44 win over the Texans. 

Thanks to a Twitter heads-up from Dylan Stone and an Instagram post from Ty Neff, we can all enjoy the sight of a huge basket from Boyle: 

As you would imagine, Boyle is elated with the shot as well as the attention it is garnering at the moment. His father, Johnny Boyle, stated, "He almost couldn't believe it." 

Because of a huge push from Bandera students as well as students around the district, there is a real possibility that this moment could end up on television. That kind of remarkable turn had Boyle, as his father relayed to Parker, "almost shaking."

And that brings us to this amazing support around social media for Boyle. 

Parker writes that on Tuesday thousands went to social media sites determined to make the hashtag "#GetMilamOnSportsCenter" a viral tag. 

Their effort even spilled onto other campuses. Parker writes, "Students from Bandera's district, including Fredericksburg, Navarro and Boerne, have joined the social media campaign, pushing anyone from President Barack Obama to Pope Francis to help “Get Milam on SportsCenter."

KENS 5 San Antonio reports that by Wednesday the Spurs, Boyle's favorite team, had picked up on the hashtag and joined the budding cause. 

Here is one tweet the team sent out: 

That link sends us to another vantage point of the shot, via Instagram user Brady Keane

Here is another Spurs tweet with a link showing Boyle who was invited to a game

Thanks to Keane, we get a close up of Boyle taking it all in with a Spurs reporter. 

If you are wondering where this all comes from, Bandera principal Gary Bitzkie has this thought that might help, via San Antonio Express-News: "Milam is an absolutely phenomenal young man, who loves the game of basketball, and loves the Spurs."

It's pretty evident that Boyle is indeed phenomenal. You only need to look around and appreciate the enormous wave of #GetMilamOnSportsCenter hashtags that flood Twitter to know that he is well loved in the community. 

The last remaining question is how long does it take for the remarkable to get onto SportsCenter. Let's hope no time at all. 

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