Calling All Saban Haters: Nick Saban Is a Better Coach Than Les Miles, Period

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 5, 2009

Of late I find myself often reading articles on B/R about how LSU is now Les Miles' team.

One writer on Bleacher Report had this to say: "LSU has officially begun the Les Miles years.

"What I mean by that is the very last few players on Les Miles' team that Nick Saban recruited are gone." 

We all know that Nick Saban is a great coach and that he never had any negative feelings toward Miles and his LSU team, but they seemed to have a lot against him.

When Alabama arrived in LSU last season, they were happily greeted by a giant billboard with some harsh feelings expressed toward Saban and his team.

Why Les Miles would allow this to happen, I have no idea.

So my thought would be he felt just as his team felt, and that feeling I think was this.

They thought Nick Saban had left LSU and ran to Alabama and they felt betrayed!

Well, LSU fans, if you did not notice, he was an NFL coach for a year before being interviewed by any Alabama coach...

So why are y'all still mad?

I don't know the answer to this, and I doubt you do either.

I thought the problem was resolved after last season when the Tide went into Baton Rouge and defeated LSU and Miles, but I guessed wrong.

This only fueled the Tigers and their coach, and it has been just as much of a battle as before.

Last season was just one in which I'm sure will be a heated rivalry as long as Saban is coach at Alabama.

I just wanted to compare these two coaches and see what we get.


Les Miles' accomplishments

Record as a head coach: 70-31

Championships: One National Championship (2007), one SEC championship (2007), two SEC Western Division Championships (2005 and 2007)

Has held coaching jobs with seven different teams.


Nick Saban's accomplishments

Record as a head coach: 110-50 (That's 40 more wins than Miles!)

Championships: One National Championship (2003 with LSU), two SEC Championships, four SEC Western Division Championships (2001-03, 2008) (That's two more division championships than Les Miles has.)

Awards: 2003 AP Coach of the Year, 2008 AP Coach of the Year, 2003 Paul "Bear" Bryant Award, 2003 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2008 SEC Coach of the Year (AP, Sporting News, and SEC coaches), 2008 Home Depot Coach of the Year, 2008 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2008 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year, 2008 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award.

Has held coaching jobs with 14 different teams.


Well, if I were an LS-WHO fan, I might think to myself, "Why are we mad at Nick Saban? He has the better résumé and is overall the better coach!"

If I were an LS-WHO fan, I would feel dumb for last season putting up a billboard with such nonsense about Saban!

The last thing I would do if I were an LS-WHO fan is throw out the purple and yellow and rep the Red and white of the Alabama Crimson Tide, baby!

I could go on all day about how Alabama is going to be an overall better team than LSU, but I think I have gotten my point across.

Nick Saban is the better coach.

If you want to argue Les Miles' case, the comment board is open for discussion all day and night!