Behold: Your Masterpiece, Chris Masters.

Stuart RyanContributor IJune 6, 2009

I am sure that this topic has already been posted but, I have decided to post an article on this topic as it came as a shock to me.

I woke up early on Thursday morning(being a 16 year old is not so great when you have exams) and checked for my daily dosage of wrestling news, be it from TNA or WWE. Then I saw a headline saying the following, Breaking News: Chris Masters resigned by the WWE.

To me, this was a shock as I thought he was gone due to the two reported drug uses.

The Report Stated

Chris Masters has signed a deal to return to the company after a two year absence. Masters attended last week's WWE TV tapings in Los Angeles and reportedly had a long talk/meeting with Vince McMahon.

He has already started canceling previously planned bookings as of yesterday and told promoters that he would be returning to WWE TV immediately. It should be noted that Masters has been visiting WWE TV tapings in Los Angeles for some time now, since his release from the company.

Masters' release from the company in November of 2007 was a result of a second WWE Wellness Policy suspension. Many are interested to see if this is a situation that could repeat itself when he makes his return to the company soon. It also remains to be seen how suspensions from previous WWE contracts work, or if they were to simply be ignored since it is considered a "new deal" under the terms agreed.

Chris is looking much smaller these days for sure.

In my very own opinion, I think that Chris should be sent to ECW and have a small feud with either Mark Henry or Vladimir Kozlov, which could then lead to him getting an ECW Championship reign for sometime.

I personally like Chris Masters and I loved The Masterlock Challenge. If Masters doesn't go back to his drug use, I think he will have a very good run in the WWE.

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- Stuart "The New Boy" Ryan.