Puppy Bowl X 2014: Starting Lineup, TV Schedule, Photos and More

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 28, 2014

Jessie, Amy and Big Red playing in Puppy Bowl VII.  (PRNewsFoto/Animal Planet) THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED BY PRNewsfoto and is for EDITORIAL USE ONLY**
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It's hard to believe the Puppy Bowl has been in existence for 10 years, but it has. This year's game will take place on Feb. 2 in New York.

To commemorate the historic event, the game will be held in Times Square prior to the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos clash in Super Bowl XLVIII. Every year more sponsors get involved with this huge project.

GEICO dropped this tweet to help promote Puppy Bowl X. 

David Campanelli, the senior vice president-director of national broadcast with Horizon Media sees the Puppy Bowl's appeal to sponsors. He told Jeanine Poggi of Adage.com:

"For an advertiser who wants to get a small pop and some buzz up against the Super Bowl, it's carved out a really nice and unique niche."

There's even a fantasy draft fans can participate in. No joke, click here for the information. 

Want a taste of what you can expect from the puppies? Check this out:

Here's how you can watch the event.


When: Sunday, Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. EST

Where: Times Square in New York

TV: Animal Planet


People Are Serious About Their Puppies

The man who referees this event, Dan Schachner, talks about how people reach out to him about missed calls during the game. Per Maura Judkis of The Washington Post, Schachner says:

"People take it more seriously than any of us do. I’ve gotten tweets from fans who were like, ‘No, that wasn’t technically a holding call, or a face mask—he didn’t put the paws on that puppy’s snout.’"

Emily Cummins of the Warren Reporter wants to specifically champion the cause of her favorite greyhound.


The Starting Lineups

Per AnimalPlanet.com, there are a total of 38 puppies in the starting lineup. Click here to see the lovable slideshow. 

Let's highlight three top contenders. These puppies are only being recognized because they look awesome. No one has any real idea how they will perform when the lights come on.


Prada—The Boxer

image from Animal Planet

This pup has a physical demeanor that says: "I'm gonna score some touchdowns—or at least run around a lot and harass the other dogs."

If I had a dog, I'd want it to look like Prada. She's got a cool two-tone thing happening around her snout and awesome color overall.

Her personality really pops in the photo. We'll see if she shines during the Puppy Bowl.


Abdiel—The Labrador Retriever/Terrier Mix

image from Animal Planet

Remember when Vanessa Huxtable kept begging Cliff for "a nice family dog" on the Cosby Show? Perhaps I'm dating myself a bit with that reference, but Abdiel is what she was talking about.

This Lab/Terrier mix looks like he ran off a television commercial set. Abdiel has perfect fur color for his breed, and a cool look of innocence. 

Can he deliver on the doggy gridiron, though? 


Lily—The Bassett Hound

image from Animal Planet

If expressions can tell a story, Lily's says: "Look, I'm not about to run around all willy-nilly with the rest of these puppies. I've got to get my beauty rest."

Equipped with big, floppy ears and low-hanging eyes, Lily could be part of a sitcom or cartooned into a lovable animated character.

Just don't expect a lot of activity from her on Sunday.


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