5 Realistic Trade Targets for New York Rangers in 2013-14

Jeremy Fuchs@@jaf78Correspondent IIIJanuary 29, 2014

5 Realistic Trade Targets for New York Rangers in 2013-14

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    If you're trying to find an area where the New York Rangers could improve, you'll be hard-pressed.

    After all, who on this team would you bench? Other than Dan Carcillo, who will likely be benched once Derek Dorsett returns, everyone on the roster is playing their best hockey.

    So trying to find some trade targets is, admittedly, tough.

    What can the Rangers do to improve their team? I'll offer five realistic trade targets that could improve one of the hottest teams of the last month.

Ryan Garbutt

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    Ryan Garbutt scored a goal and added an assist against the Rangers in January, and that led Larry Brooks of the New York Post to think that the Rangers might be interested:

    If teams tend to pursue players who have played well against them, then keep an eye on the Blueshirts and Stars forward Ryan Garbutt, the 28-year-old rental property at $575,000 who has driven the Rangers crazy in their two games this season.

    Garbutt is a hard-charging, grinding, feisty player who never quits. He can chip in on offense, too, as evidenced by his 10 goals and eight assists.

    He would be absolutely perfect on the fourth line and could even represent an upgrade over Derek Dorsett and Dan Carcillo.

    Garbutt also wouldn't cost too much—perhaps a mid-round pick or a lower-tier prospect.

Scott Hannan

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    The Rangers would be dumb to give up on John Moore, but it's possible they might want to find an upgrade for the remainder of this year.

    After all, Moore doesn't display his offensive skills nearly enough and is a bit of a liability in his own end. 

    Given that, the Rangers might want to take a look at Scott Hannan.

    The tough-as-nails San Jose Shark plays nearly 18 minutes a game on one of the best teams in the NHL and is plus-one.

    He has just eight points and is not nearly the offensive threat that Moore is. But you know exactly what you're going to get from Hannan. He is going to hit everything that moves, block a ton of shots and play responsible hockey.

    While the Rangers have gotten away from the John Tortorella grind-it-out style, it remains true that you need grit to win in the playoffs. The Rangers could use more of that.

    Hannan is a free agent after this season, so it would be a very low-risk move. The team could probably have him for a late-round pick.

John Mitchell

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    I never understood why the Rangers let John Mitchell go. 

    It might be time to bring him back.

    Now with Colorado, Mitchell has scored five goals and added 14 assists, while playing just under two minutes per game on the penalty kill.

    In other words, he's a better version of Dominic Moore. Moore has been a great story, but the Rangers would be foolish not to upgrade the fourth-line center position if they can find someone better. 

    Mitchell, who is a free agent at the end of this season, is an upgrade. He can play a solid two-way game, but with a bit more punch than Moore.

Matt Greene

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    If the Rangers want an upgrade over John Moore and can't get Scott Hannan, they might want to take a look at Matt Greene.

    Cut from the same cloth as Hannan, Greene is a veteran defender who has plenty of playoff experience. He's not going to score much, but he's going to hit and compete and block shots. 

    There's no question that Greene doesn't have the foot speed that Moore does, but I think he would be a better fit in the playoffs, when the games are tighter and teams need to be more responsible in their own end.

    Greene is a free agent at the end of the year, so he would be a very low-risk move.

Brad Boyes

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    Brad Boyes is enjoying a bit of a renaissance season in Florida and could provide valuable scoring depth for the Rangers.

    The winger has scored 14 goals and added 10 assists. While he's not the player who once scored 43 goals, Boyes can provide instant offense.

    The Rangers really don't have a lot of forward depth, seeing as J.T. Miller isn't quite ready for prime time. Having someone like Boyes who can step in on a moment's notice would be great.

    He's a free agent at the end of the year, so he could probably be had for a lower-tier prospect or late-round pick. These are the type of moves that greatly improve the state of an organization.