WWE Proclamation: Defending CM Punk and His Decision to Quit the Company

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIJanuary 29, 2014

WWE Champion CM Punk performs during WWE’s 9th annual
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Go figure that a CM Punk mark is defending the man that just quit World Wrestling Entertainment last night. It's almost as predictable as the Royal Rumble this year. 

However, this article is not to delineate from the massive underwhelming decision to screw the fans out of a memorable Royal Rumble event. I am here to defend Phil Brooks and his decision to quit. Yes, the man should not be acquitted of treason and resentment towards the company that has halted a superstar's rise to the very top for the past 365 days. 

Punk is innocent. Allow me to play lawyer in the trial that got rid of my favorite wrestler to date (besides Edge). 

There has been running speculation that Punk would duck out near his final days in WWE for the past few months. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Brooks related to his contract as, "Up in the air" and his contract will run until July of 2014. 

Knowing the history of the Straight Edge Superstar, nothing surprised me about his answer, stating that last time in 2011, things got way out of hand. So, he was better off dancing around the question, rather than pick up the speed of the IWC and spew out facts that shouldn't be said. 

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July 2011, or the Summer of Punk, was arguably the most exciting time in professional wrestling within the last four to five years. Punk, the anti-hero, was done playing second fiddle to the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton. That being said, the "pipe bomb" promo came to existence. 

He ended up gaining much more popularity than originally anticipated, so Vince McMahon and Triple H decided to take Punk's ball and run with it. Much like the storyline two and a half years ago, this situation seems very similar. 

However, it's not quite the same old song and dance. 

This time around, the dirt sheets picked up his notice of resignation before he even said anything. Punk wasn't about to say on TV that he is quitting the company. In January of 2014, it truly does sound like he is quitting the company and won't come back. 

Maybe, in my piece, it will seem like a lot of back and forth. Just stick with me for the time being and it will all make sense. 

2011: Punk's contract was running out that summer. He was very disgruntled backstage after being looked over multiple times. The notice of his resignation was brought up with popular media outlets and world news. He announced that quitting time was coming. At the time, Punk's storyline was with Cena, McMahon, HHH and John Laurinaitis. Money in the Bank was in Chicago, Illinois, at the time of his "departure." Punk was 100% quitting. There was well-known evidence of Punk furious about the Miz main-eventing WrestleMania 27.

2014: Punk's contract is running out and will expire in July of 2014. The Payback pay-per-view is scheduled to take place in July; located in Chicago, Illinois. He has been disgruntled about the position WWE Creative has been putting him in for quite some time. Punk was not happy with Batista returning and being in the main event of WrestleMania. He is 100% quitting. 

For 2014, the main difference is how the news was broke. On an episode of Raw, Punk announced to the world that he was quitting the company on July 17th, 2011 at midnight. This time, dirt sheets picked up the story after an absent Brooks on Raw two days ago. 

People are saying that he is quitting on the fans? Can you justify that and compare him to someone like Steve Austin? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Steve Austin quit after the first sign of "BS" occurring? 

I'm pretty sure Stone Cold didn't have to deal with the same kind of distrust and lack of motivation for his character than Punk did. The two men are different, but Austin was much more liked than Punk. 

Brooks is not quitting on the fans. He is not giving up on those who have been chanting his name for years. Rather, Punk is quitting on the same people who make the decisions backstage. Those same folks in charge that have him without a hint of a title match or #1 contender's match in the past year. Part-timers are the ones stealing his and Daniel Bryan's spotlight. 

Punk has made more national media attention quitting than Batista returning. Please figure that one out. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for avid Punk fans, like myself. Either this is me justifying his sudden message to the WWE and fans, or this situation could actually play out in real life and not just my wishful head. 

First and foremost, Punk is under contract until July. If he were to quit, that would be a breach of contract and against the law. He is not stupid and wouldn't do that to his finances. Even though, Punk is very well off financially and doesn't need the WWE to continue pumping millions of dollars into a bank account to survive. In fact, he may be one of the most intelligent and wise with their money in the entire company. 

Second, this was supposed to be the Summer of Punk in the upcoming season. The current storyline had Punk and Kane about to wrestle at the Elimination Chamber and then Triple H at WrestleMania. Knowing Punk, he could be playing the Internet and all of us, foolishly thinking he quit. We could watch him pull off yet another legendary scam. 

Add injuries to that second option as well. Punk could very well be injured and he just needs time off. 

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Third and final point: Punk loves the WWE too much. I get that he is moody and whiny when it comes to the creative instances he deals with. Although, there was a reason why he stayed with the company three years ago. 

He seems to idolize Austin, probably indirectly, but the correlation is true and consistent. Austin was quoted as saying, "Walking out on the WWE was a huge mistake." 

Brooks will likely heal up, recharge his batteries and return to being the Best in the World soon enough. Contractually speaking, he will need to be fired by the WWE in order to get out of his current contract. Speaking of, WWE has not confirmed anything.

By now, they would have. 

To summarize what was a lengthy piece of rant-style whining by myself, Punk did nothing wrong. He is one of the few who speak their mind and don't bite their tongue at the first moment's notice of poor judgment by the management. 

It's incomparable to a regular person's job because they aren't making millions. If the financial security were there, you would quit your job. 

He has the security to do so if this is legitimate. So, I bring on the marks that will accuse me of defending the IWC baby and that I believe he couldn't do any wrong to the fans or company. In fact, I believe he is in the midst of doing something legendary if this all pans out in my little fantasy. 

After all, it is professional wrestling we are talking about. Carry on...