Can Chase Utley Break the Record? Only Time Will Tell....

Dan ReinerCorrespondent IApril 23, 2008

Everyone knows that  second basemen aren't the biggest power threats in all of baseball. Chase Utley is proving us otherwise.

Through not even 22 games, Utley already has hit 10 home runs. He needs to hit just 4 more home runs before May 1st to break a record held by only two others in Major League history. Albert Pujols (2006) and Alex Rodriguez (2007), are the only 2 to hit at least 14 home runs in the month of April.

The Phillies have 7 games left in April from this date (4/23). 1 game left in Milwaukee, 3 in Pittsburgh, which favors left handed batters, and 2 games at home vs. San Diego.

In those games, there are no stud pitchers scheduled against the Phillies.

5 home runs, and he has a record all to himself. If you ask Utley, I'm sure he'll tell you he'll be happy with what he has, but I'm positive he will take this record if he can.

Can he hit 4 in 7 days? Only time will tell...