Michael Jordan Created The Past And Derrick Rose Is Creating The Future

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

There is no doubt about it. Micheal Jordan was and is the greatest of all time.

He electrified Bulls' fans with his amazing hops and extraordinary dunks. He was the master of ball.

He was the idol all youngsters looked up to. He was the one individual every person who played basketball wanted to be like.

Micheal Jordan has six championships rings. Many say if he had not retired he could have led the Bulls to possibly seven straight NBA championships.

He was the LeBron James of the 80's, the poster boy all the company's wanted to have. He was the best thing the world had seen and they where in shock. Some even refused to believe he was really that good.

Some said he was overrated, some said he was too good to be true.

Michael Jordan caused all kind of problems for other teams, so at one point in his career other teams started to use the " Jordan rules". A set of rules the "Bad Boys'' used to guard Jordan.

Since they could not guard him, they started to just foul him almost every time he touched the ball. They would almost use a whole team to make sure Jordan did not get to the hoop.

He made the game so much better and more fun to watch. He just played the game with such great ease.

I was not around when Jordan was playing, but I have looked into his career and watched all the games of him I could.

Michael Jordan ruled the Bulls. He was the most dominate player to play the game.

MJ is now a living legend and will always be remembered by his great D and all his great shots over some of the best players.

Jordan played in a era where hand checking was legal. I think Jordan is and will forever be in his own league. MJ left a great legacy in the past and, for Bulls' fans, it is just now being picked up by point-guard Derrick Rose.

I like to watch Rose tease players with his sick cross over. He dribbles the ball out in front of him to make the ball appear to be in close enough range to swipe at it. Then before you look up he just blew by you and laid it up!

D—Rose is a different type of point guard. Often analysts compare his style of play and body type to that of Utah's Deron Williams. I think of D—Rose as the type of guy that is big, strong and at the same time has a soft touch.

He is unlike Deron Williams because of his supporting cast. D—Rose does not have a "great" team behind him. Deron Williams has Boozer, Okur just to name a few.

D—Rose has to go out in the playoffs then average 14 something points and a few assists or they will lose.

Derrick Rose is the beginning of a new legacy. One that I think will be remembered by many exciting plays like that of the Jordan era....

I see D—Rose doing many things for the Chicago Bulls down the road. In a few years I think D—Rose can be in his own league of point guards.

I think he will be one of the toughest point guards in the NBA to guard because his body allows him to take it to the hole against bigger defenders while also being able to knock down that smooth jump shot.

Michael Jordan created a legacy that will never be forgotten by Bull's fans. D—Rose is just beginning to help everyone see that he is picking up right were Jordan left off.

What do you think: is Derrick Rose ever going to be able to fill Michael Jordan's shoes in Chicago or will he just be there to help contribute to the storied past?