WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Greatest Spots in History of the Chamber Match

Brad Jones@beardjonesFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Greatest Spots in History of the Chamber Match

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    Since 2002, the Elimination Chamber has been home to some of the most inventive—not to mention brutal—matches in the WWE. Forged as a mix of some of the best elements of matches like Hell in a Cell, the traditional Survivor Series elimination match and the WCW favourite WarGames, the Elimination Chamber rarely makes for a boring night.

    Now firmly established as the last stop on the road to WrestleMania, Chamber matches are both in-storyline and provide the last big chance for Superstars to show what they are capable of toward grabbing a spot on the biggest show of the year. As a result, expect to see those inside the Chamber give it their all in a bid to stand out—especially if they're on the cusp of greatness.

    To whet your appetite for this year's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on February 23, here are some of the greatest spots in the 12-year history of the event.

Rob Van Dam's Spider-Man

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    Was there ever any doubt that such a hardcore legend as Rob Van Dam would flourish inside the Elimination Chamber? Known for his innovative offense, he did not disappoint in the inaugural 2002 Chamber match or when the ECW title was defended inside the structure in 2006.

    His performance in the original Elimination Chamber match was littered with unique moves, such as his Rolling Thunder to the outside of the ring or his Monkey Flip to Triple H onto the steel. However, it's his Spider-Man inspired wall-cling that gets him this mention.

    Seeking an aerial attack on Chris Jericho who was on the outside of the ring, Van Dam grabbed onto the chain-link wall of the cage after Jericho ducked and successfully executed a cross-body.

    The spot was revisited in 2006 with Hardcore Holly, who must have done his research as he dodged the second attack as well, leaving Van Dam hung up on the ropes.

Santino Marella Nearly Wins

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    Back in 2012, when Daniel Bryan was close-shaven, a reigning world champion and only beginning to have the crowd support he has now, he was given a run for his money inside the Elimination Chamber by no other than Santino Marella.

    It was something of a surprise when Santino won a Battle Royal to gain entry into the match, but it made complete sense on the night of the pay-per-view. Going into the match as a rank outsider, Marella pulled off two sneaky eliminations and made it to the final two, where he went head-to-head with Bryan.

    Whilst this might not be the sort of spot that you would typically associate with the Elimination Chamber, the development right out of left field of Marella coming ever so close to a win—via Cobra, no less—had even the most cynical WWE fan cheering on the Milan Miracle.

    Alas, it was not to be, as Bryan retained his title via No Lock. However, this remains a memorable moment from the past few years, and one that might have solidified Bryan as a heel in the eyes of the audience if not for his loss to Sheamus at WrestleMania 28 a few weeks later.

John Morrison Drops from the Top

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    Whatever your opinion on John Morrison's wrestling in general, it's difficult to say that the Prince of Parkour didn't have a few good spots in him.

    During the Elimination Chamber match to decide who would face The Miz for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 27, Morrison performed one such feat of acrobatics when he climbed up the chain-link dome of the Chamber and dropped down to take out Sheamus.

    The unconventional cross-body was enough to eliminate the Celtic Warrior from the match, and many thought such a high-profile scalp was evidence that Morrison was in line for a big push. Having had something of a good run over the few months prior and being that his former team-mate The Miz was reigning WWE champion, it seemed like he was about to break his way into the main event.

    However, later that year he left the WWE to wrestle on the independent scene and has dropped off the radar almost entirely. Will we ever see a Batista-esque return for JoMo? It seems unlikely.

Jeff Hardy Hits a Super-Swanton

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    Jeff Hardy may not be the only wrestler to try an aerial attack from the top of one of the Chamber's four enclosures, but to my mind he's did it the best.

    At No Way Out in 2009, he was a part of the Chamber match for the WWE Championship and took to the skies to hit a Swanton Bomb from the top of a pod on the Big Show, leading to his elimination.

    This may seem like an obvious spot given the placement of the pods, but it could have gone wrong as a result of the domed roof. During the very first Elimination Chamber match in 2002, Rob Van Dam injured Triple H as a result of an awkward Five-Star Frog Splash.

Rey Mysterio Flies Through a Pod

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    Something about the diminutive Rey Mysterio getting thrown around never stops being entertaining. From the WCW-era Kevin Nash lawn-dart throw into a trailer to this spot from 2009, being a small man amongst heavyweights does lend itself to some unique flight paths.

    In this particular bit of air travel, Edge used Mysterio's own momentum against him, launching him up into the air and through the door of one of the pods.

    The match was also not without its quirks. Earlier in the night, Edge had lost his WWE Championship to Triple H in the other Elimination Chamber match, before going on to win the World Heavyweight Championship in this one. Edge would go on to win another Chamber match in 2011, cementing him as one of the most successful superstars to set foot in the structure.

Goldberg Spears Jericho Through a Pod

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    Despite his run in the WWE being something of a damp squib compared to his domination of WCW, Goldberg's performance in the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam 2003 is one of the most memorable in the history of the Chamber.

    He had only been in the WWE for a few months at the time, and SummerSlam marked his first shot at the gold. He was a dominant force in the Chamber match, chalking up three eliminations and only being bested by Triple H once a sledgehammer was brought into the mix.

    Nevertheless, it was a strong showing for Goldberg, with one moment in particular showing off the raw power of the former NFL player—spearing Chris Jericho through the plexiglass door of one of the pods.

    Jericho could stake a very good claim to having taken the most punishment inside the Chamber across his eight appearances in the structure, but this moment was probably one of the most brutal. Goldberg would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H at Unforgiven the following month.

    Will this year's Elimination Chamber have spots that rival these memorable moments? Was your favourite omitted from this list? Do you still wish Santino would have won back in 2012? Leave your comments below.