Harry Redknapp Complaining About Transfer Deadline Day Breaks Irony Meters

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterJanuary 31, 2014

Harry Redknapp, perhaps the manager most iconically linked to the spectre of transfer deadline for his wheeling and dealing, has said he thinks the day is "crazy."

Redknapp, now at QPR, had this exchange with a journalist live on Sky Sports, who have helped further his claim to fame by interviewing him repeatedly on every deadline day. You can see the full exchange in the clip above:

Redknapp: Running round like lunatics trying to get a few players in. It's crazy.

Reporter: It's good for the viewers and the fans...and obviously Jim [White] back in the studio.

Redknapp: Yeah, Jim loves it. I'm just pleased it's all over. I'm going to get home and have some rest.

If your irony meters are broken, that might be the cause. 

Despite his distaste for running round like a lunatic, Redknapp pulled off four deadline day deals for his Championship contenders.