Taking It to the Extreme: My Thoughts on Extreme Rules

Stuart RyanContributor IJune 7, 2009

Tonight, WWE hosts its only ECW-based PPV called Extreme Rules. The match card is basically the same as Judgment Day, with a few edits here and there.

I, unfortunately, will be unable to watch Extreme Rules and will have to check the results when I wake up in the morning. With that in mind, I have decided to post the results I think will happen.

Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella in a Hog Pen Match

Is this match even extreme? Why this match is even on the card escapes me but, I suppose this is just for a comedy segment and to get Santino over as a face.

There is not much I can say about this match, but I am glad that I am missing it. I expect 'Santina' to win by Chavo accidentally knocking Vickie into the slop.

Winner: Santina Marella

CM Punk vs. Umaga in a Samoan Strap Match

Do I think that Punk will be able to drag Umaga around the ring and touch all four corners? No. Did I think that he would be able to lift him up and give him a GTS? No, but Punk proved his critics wrong.

There is one thing I don't understand, though. If Punk was able to lift Umaga up on Smackdown!, why didn't he just do it at Judgment Day? I expect this to be a good match, with Umaga taking the win in the end.

Winner: Umaga

Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal for the US Title

I am so glad that this match made it on to the card. Perhaps WWE might start defending the mid-card titles on PPV's now. Hopefully, they will start defending the Tag Team Titles on a regular basis too.

I expect Kofi to retain and feud with The Miz over the title (see my Feuds of the Future: Raw is War article for more details). I see each superstar preforming their finisher towards the end with Kingston hitting Trouble in Paradise for the victory.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho in a No Holds Barred for the Intercontinental Title

Please do not make this like the Mysterio/Kane No Holds Barred match we saw at Cyber Sunday. I want to see a No Holds Barred match that actually is No Holds Barred.

Were there any weapons used in the Kane/Mysterio match? All I remember is shouting at the TV after Mysterio hit 619. I hope this match leaves the ring and goes on top of the Titantron like that old RVD/Undertaker Hardcore Title Match.

That was awesome. Mysterio to win after a 619 and splash or whatever he does after it. As of last night, however, there were plans of a title switch in this match. Here's hoping.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger vs. Christian in a Hardcore Match for the ECW Championship

This match could possibly steal the show, as this could be Tommy Dreamer's last match in the WWE. I doubt he will win, though, as there is not much he can do with the title.

He can't beat Mark Henry, Vladimir Kozlov, or David Hart Smith (huge fan of this guy), so I see him leaving. Even if he did sign another contract, once he lost the title he would go back to normal: either not being on the show or jobbing. 

News backstage is that Dreamer is telling people that this will be his last match. We'll have to wait and see.

I don't really mind who wins this match as I am a huge fan of both Swagger and Christian. I think Christian will be holding on to the title to feud with Kozlov, which I think would be a good feud.

Winner: Christian

John Cena vs. Big Show in a Submission Match

What is it with the script writers and Big Show? He comes out wanting a new match with every superstar he feuds with and acts like he is a master of that match. With 'Taker he wanted to face him in some sort of 'Knockout Match'.

Now he wants to take on Cena in a Submission match? I just don't get it. Anyway, usual stuff in this match. Big Show dominates for sometime, Cena tries to go for the STF but can't do it, Big Show goes back to dominate.

What I actually hope happens is Miz interfering and attacking Cena which then lets Big Show get a win. If that doesn't happen, SuperCena gets the STF for the win.

Winner: John Cena

Randy Orton vs. Batista in a Steel Cage for the WWE Championship

'There is only one place for an 'Animal' and a 'Viper. A steel cage..' That is the opening line on the preview for Extreme Rules on WWE.com, and I think it is a very good one. I am completely biased on this match (because I love Orton and hate Batista).

I want Orton to torture Batista in the cage, then end it with a punt. With that, Orton can move on to a new challenger for his Title and end this miserable feud.

Winner: Randy Orton

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge in a Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Another great match on the card, with the usual extreme moments from both Hardy and Edge. I don't expect Edge to drop the title to Hardy, because Hardy is still not ready for a World Title, in my opinion.

News backstage is that the company have just decided the finish of the Edge/Hardy match last night.

Both have been telling people that they plan to steal the show. This could be scary. Hopefully, the have planned for Edge to remain champion.

Winner: Edge

I don't see any title changes, but, there should be a few "Holy Crap!" moments. It will be a pretty basic show in my opinion so I don't think I will be missing much.

If I miss a good show, I will watch it some other time. To those who are ordering or streaming the show, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the read.

- Stuart "The New Boy" Ryan


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