CM Punk: Opening for Rebellion?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IJune 8, 2009

Anyone who has looked at or seen Extreme Rules has seen that Jeff Hardy won the WWE Title from Edge a few hours ago, and then CM Punk cashed his MITB contract and won it off him.

After the match, I heard no one cheering for CM Punk, aside from him...and it opened up thoughts to me, as I thought to myself how he was such an SOB.

Taking the title from Jeff opens up the chance for CM Punk to become a heel, as absolutely no one really is happy for him taking it from Jeff. The reason I think this is a good idea is that the whole "PUNK" title really suggests a bad guy or misunderstood person, and what better way for him to reveal himself as a heel by saying, "Punks are normally not understood, the same case was with me... I don't care about you people..." and going on to have a potentially great feud with Jeff Hardy, as I think now Edge will be preoccupied with Vickie (they are getting a "divorce").

Going further into the idea, it's brilliant because these two are tremendous athletes and the action expected from the Hardy/ Hardy feud would actually be in the matchup.

Side Note: There is now a good chance that Jeff Hardy is going to sign an extension, as in an interview where he was asked if he would get an extension, he said there is a strong chance.