WWE Proclamation: Ending the Spiral of Judgement and Heresy

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIApril 10, 2014

FILE - In this April 5, 2014 file photo provided by the WWE, James Hellwig, aka The Ultimate Warrior, is escorted by his daughters to the stage during the WWE Hall of Fame Induction at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. The WWE said Hellwig, one of pro wrestling's biggest stars in the late 1980s, died Tuesday, April 8, 2014. He was 54. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE, File)
Credit: WWE.com

For many years, professional wrestling has received the worst judgment of the sporting world, when it is considered a "real sport." Many people believed it to be fake, dancing, a certain homophobic slur and stupid. As erroneous as all those terms are, that is the reality of professional wrestling.

As a diehard wrestling fan, I'm appalled at the daily harassment wrestling fans get just because we follow what we love. 

Recent events have not helped the situation and, honestly, it's only made it worse. 

For example, The Undertaker recently lost at WrestleMania for the first time ever last Sunday. Wrestling fans were affected by the events that transpired in New Orleans, La. 

Judgmental folk took to the realism that surrounds their lives. "Who cares, he was scripted to lose," and "The Undertaker is stupid and maybe he could win a real fight," were all I heard the morning after. My body succumbed to emotion when the referee hit the "1-2-3" count Sunday night. 

My childhood took a hit. Many adults reverted back to their childhood, and it was "gone." 

Yet, haters of pro wrestling remained stubborn and classless over what others love and believe in. As fans of an art, we believe in the majestic artwork that is put on our television screens. 

It is fake, and the fans know it. Aren’t Call of Duty and The Big Bang Theory scripted and fake too? 

What took place over the past two days was not easy for wrestling fans to stomach. As the news broke Tuesday night that The Ultimate Warrior, aka James Hellwig, passed away, the world of professional wrestling cried together and became a unit that lost a family member.

Jonathan Bachman

He recently was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for his contributions in the squared circle. The last time we saw him was on Raw giving an emotional speech to the Warrior fans out there. 

His death hit the mainstream media and personalities such as ESPN host Colin Cowherd. Television host Nancy Grace interviewed Diamond Dallas Page on the passing of Warrior.

First, Cowherd presumed nasty things about the wrestling industry and insinuated that Warrior's death isn't worth sympathy. 

Second, he took a shot at the fans, while nearly calling us stupid. 

That is a direct shot at every wrestling fan who gives his or her heart and soul to something he or she loves. Do we fire back and say that football is stupid and the fans are idiots? 

Moving on to Nancy Grace. She is an uneducated talk show host who continually, like most people, connects steroids and drug use with pro wrestling. Yes, there is a horrid past with both and professional wrestling. To link The Ultimate Warrior's death with "steroids and drug use" is probable, but not confirmed.

On top of that, she linked wrestlers who have died with "drug use and steroids" as well. While it is somewhat factual, the arrogance of the phrase is idiotic and ridiculous.

Wrestlezone.com posted a recap of the interview with DDP here

Wrestlers are people too. Just because people don't agree with their profession, doesn't give you the right to judge. Warrior had a wife and two kids. His "steroids and drug use" didn't make him a bad dad. In fact, he loved all three members of his family more than anything else in the world.

Pro wrestling will never gain a good impression with anyone. Reason being, it is a bunch of men and women parading around and grabbing each other without "actually hitting" each other. It's all fake and that's the end of the discussion. 

WWE and Vince McMahon have done numerous things to scale back on the negativity it gets. For example, the Wellness Policy is that of professionalism and fairness. They wanted to take the drugs out of wrestling, and they did. 

Isn't baseball still dealing with steroids much more than pro wrestling is, Nancy? 

WWE is a battle of perception and personal opinion. It always has been, and it will continue to disappoint others and please the few left out of the ones wanting more.

It may always be a never-ending spiral of negativity and judgment. The fact is, the world judges itself on a daily basis, and everyone around it is a spoke on the wheel. While the few are enjoying what they do and loving it every second, the majority judge and remain stubborn. 

Pro wrestling is what you make of it. Like I said above, it's based on personal opinion and perception. Will everyone accept it? That will never happen on this planet. 

The moral of the story is: Wrestlers are people too. They have families, friends and real lives outside of the ring. Warrior loved his kids and wife more than the air he breathed. It's a shame he was taken from this place too soon after doing good in it. 

Help stop the trial of judgment by proclaiming yourself as a fan and comment below with your thoughts. I would love to hear them and to continue the righteousness of professional wrestling from one fan to another.