5 Questions You'd Love to Ask Liverpool's Luis Suarez

Mark Jones@@Mark_Jones86Featured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2014

5 Questions You'd Love to Ask Liverpool's Luis Suarez

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    He's undoubtedly been the player of the Premier League season so far and as he continues to spearhead Liverpool's attempts to secure Champions League football next season, Luis Suarez is a name on the lips of many.

    The Uruguayan will also be one of the stars of the forthcoming World Cup too but having established himself as one of the top players in world football, there is still so much not known about the character and temperament of the forward.

    Clearly he's made grave errors in the past but if you were to sit down and have a chat to him about his life, what questions would you ask?

    Here are five, largely fun options:

What Have You Got Against Norwich?

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    Suarez failed to score the very first time he faced Norwich City, a 1-1 draw at Anfield in October 2011 in which he hit the post and forced a stunning late save from goalkeeper John Ruddy. He's been in a mood to make up for it ever since.

    In his four subsequent career meetings with the Canaries he's scored a staggering 11 goals, breaking a Premier League record by scoring three hat-tricks against the same opposition in the process.

    Just what is it about Norwich that he doesn't like? The colour yellow? Delia Smith's cooking?

    Whatever it is he's always in a ruthless mood when he faces them, with the next meeting coming up on April 19...

Who Tasted Better, Otman Bakkal or Branislav Ivanovic?

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    The biting incidents at both Ajax and Liverpool have loomed large over Suarez's career.

    Shortly before the forward's move to Anfield in January 2011 he was cited by the Dutch FA for biting PSV Eindhoven player Otman Bakkal, before then repeating the "trick" on Branislav Ivanovic in a match against Chelsea at Anfield last April.

    Why did he do it? He probably doesn't even know himself, so instead we'll ask him which one tasted better, Dutch meat or Serbian flesh?

    Whether or not we'll get an answer is a different matter.

What Happens If Liverpool Don't Get into the Champions League?

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    After appearing set to leave Liverpool in the summer, Suarez instead stayed and then signed a new contract in December.

    At the time he was full of sweetness and light and pledges to carry on his career on Merseyside, telling the official club website that his bond with the fans was one of the reasons behind his desire to stay at Anfield for "a long time."

    What happens if Liverpool miss out on the Champions League this season though? Suarez is certain to get offers to play elsewhere and that loyalty could well be hugely tested.

    Liverpool are sure to have sought assurances from him upon the signing of that new deal but in football it is very easy to break your promises.

How Did You Get so Good at Free-Kicks?

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    It takes a special player to out-muscle Steven Gerrard from free-kick duty at Anfield, and Suarez has done just that over the past year or so.

    Free-kick goals against the likes of Zenit St. Petersburg, Wigan, Manchester City, Norwich, Hull and others all readily come to mind, and for a player who doesn't take penalties, the set-piece has become an important route to goal for surely one of the best exponents of the art in the world at the moment.

    How did he get so good at free-kicks? Practice, obviously, but it'd be handy for a few of us Sunday League players to know just how he is so accurate all the time.

What Actually Goes on in Your Head?

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    Away from all of his obvious qualities though, something that is clear is that Suarez is an enigma.

    The biting incidents, the Patrice Evra affair, numerous allegations of bending the rules to get what he wants, it is clear that Suarez plays the game to the very edge of the rulebook and quite frequently several yards away from the page.

    Just what does he think of when he goes out onto the pitch? And how does that manifest itself into the performances that we see week in, week out?

    You could write a book on just what must go through his head, and he'd make for a fascinating interview subject, that's for sure.