The Real NBA Debate: Bol vs. Bradley

Ryan WelchCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

We have done ourselves a disservice. 

We have overlooked one of the greatest debates of our age.  A debate so epic, so huge, that it is truly a crime that no one has brought it up before. 

I am tired of MVP debates.  Tired of greatest player debates. 

Tired of forgetting about:  Bol vs. Bradley.

The Matchup:

Manute Bol, from the Sudan, came first. All 7'7" 180 lbs, of him. 

This stick creature was a shot blocking machine his rookie season, averaging five per game.  Sure, he never improved, and in fact digressed after his first season, but this guy was a beast in the paint, and also part of the greatest combo of short and tall in NBA history:  Bol and Bogues. 

Later in his career he became somewhat of a three-point specialist, once hitting six triples in the second half of a game.  Even in a losing effort this was a heroic performance from one of the tallest and least talented guys the NBA has ever seen.

Shawn Bradley from Castle Dale, Utah, by way of Landstuhl, Germany is a 7'6" 275 lb. pile of mush. 

This guy has the distinction of not only being a giant, uncoordinated goof, but also a draft bust--having been drafted 2nd overall by the Philadelphia 76ers, ahead of future stars such as Anfernee Hardaway, Jamaal Mashburn, Allan Houston, Sam Cassell, Vin Baker, and Nick Van Exel. 

The mere sight of him caused Shaquille O'Neal to have some of the best games of his career.  To be fair, Bradley was also a shot blocking machine, but was unfortunately featured on more posters than any center in history due to his ability to allow smaller players to dunk on him.

The pick:  

I would take Bradley simply because he allowed some of the games biggest stars to showcase their jumping and dunking ability like no one else.

That said, you can't discount an eight foot three-point shooter either.

Who would you pick?