Tiger Woods: Still on the the Brink of Destiny, Despite Minor Break

Jeremy McNishCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time, that's without a doubt. Since a young age he has dominated the game, he has had a target on his back... yet he continues to dominate.

It is funny how if you do not win one major, people question if he will surpass Jack Nicholoson. Without a doubt. Tiger Woods is 32 years old and is only seven Major victories from surpassing the Golden Bear for most Majors of all-time.

People forget Tiger has just begun, he has not even struck his prime. Tiger has at least twenty-eight years left in him. What do you think he will do in twenty-eight years... just think.

It is funny how if you get second in one major you are in danger of not capturing the most hallowed record in all of golf. You will only anger the sleeping beast to prove himself - and believe me , that is what he has been doing his whole life.

Tiger has dominated competition all his life. This is nothing new to him, he just happened to have, if I may say so ,a sub par day. Just average. He just happened to be regular for once in his life, took his mind off of the game.

Come on! Are we kidding ourselves? Do we really think Tiger will not be back? That is the worst fallacy we could ever imagine... and that's what it is - an imagination, Tiger always comes back. Even when he is six strokes off the the lead going into Sunday in of one of the biggest tournaments in golf history, Tiger always comes back.

Tiger has so much time on his hands that he could win half of the majors for the next fourteen years and still surpass Jack, so just enjoy the game. I have said it once and I will say it again: Tiger Woods is the face of golf. Going against Tiger Woods in a tournament is like getting psyched to play Tiger Woods Live on XBOX, that is the equilavent.

Basically, what I am saying is if a sleeping Beast is sleeping .....just let him sleep. Please do not wake him up, or you may have more problems then you imagined.