Raw's New GM: JBL or HBK?

Alex BrooksCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

John Bradshaw Layfield, Raw's newest general manager. That has a certain ring to it doesn't it?

After all the hype over Ric Flair becoming the next general manager of Raw in his hometown of Charlotte, N.C. the WWE could be looking to "shake things up" as Vince McMahon likes to say. Every rumor that has hit the Internet in the past year, the WWE has done just the opposite.

JBL makes perfect sense. After retiring from the WWE he is still involved in their former minor league affiliate, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

He could surprisingly prove to be the fairest of all of Raw's most recent GM's, as he does things for the benefit of himself and no one else. This leaves him on the fence for most of the major issues currently going on in Raw.

If the WWE really wants to shake things up now would be the perfect time to bring him back. In wake of all of the chaos, of course, JBL will be a man amongst boys.

He would have no problem laying the hammer down on both Orton and Triple H alike. Not to mention how much he could enhance the storyline between Cena and Big Show.

The WWE obviously has much more reasonable options, such as Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and even Vince McMahon could return full time as the GM.

But if the WWE wants shock and awe they could just as easily go with someone like Ric Flair, JBL, and possibly even HBK.

HBK could bring star power to the GM position just as he did when he was commissioner for a short time. His added affect on Michaels has said he wants to take an extended break to be with his kids, but he is always just a call away from returning early.

Please feel free to comment on what you think the WWE will do with the open general manager position.