Soccer: The Most Under-Rated Sport in America

Abe HanniganCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

Soccer is a game that can be looked at in many different ways.

For the passive watchers, the ones who do not know the game and only go by goals, think of it as a boring game that is only for weaklings.

If you are an attentive watcher then you will notice the intensity and passion that the players have on the field.

Not only that, but to play the game you have to be so organized as a team. Triangles, diamonds and straight lines constantly have to be constructed and in the right place during the game.

A common thought is that soccer is a game where you just have to kick the ball far and be fast. What is not mentioned is that a team that is well coached actually do precise passing and ball movement. Having the vision to see people across the field and being able to perfectly put the ball in a specific spot is so difficult. Soccer is not a game that can be explained in one article like many other sports. It would take hundreds and hundreds of articles to explain soccer's vividness and brilliance.

'Weak', 'boring' and 'gay' are all words that have been used in explaining soccer.Other sports though such as football, baseball and basketball seem to be more popular.

Do any of those sports play 90 minutes straight without any breaks?
In baseball and basketball there is no contact whatsoever but they are not called 'gay' sports. Football is a high contact sport, but there is a break almost every 5 seconds.

Is contact the only thing that makes a good sport?
In soccer there is constant moving around, pushing, grabbing, sliding but its still a 'sport for weaklings'. People who don't play soccer at a high level can not say anything about it.