Note To Dolphin Fans: Relax!

Bruce DickensonCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

Let me start by saying that after the 2007 season and the following offseason, I really had a soft spot for the Dolphins. Injuries, coaching, their record, and the Pennington signing really left me rooting for the Dolphins for 14 games last year. 

Heck, I was pulling for them in the playoffs. That is just the type of fan that I am.  I am also a Yankee fan that was pulling for the Red Sox once the Yankees were out of the playoffs last year due to my love of their manager.

All that being said, recent developments have forced me to reconsider. 

Rex Ryan's comments about his arrival in the AFC East cannot be considered trash talking nor were they even directed at the Dolphins. Rex is simply a man trying to establish an attitude for a team that has struggled to get back to the big game for four decades.

For some reason, the Dolphins and some of their fans have decided to take Mr. Ryan's comments personally. I am not sure why.

Nothing can be taken away from the remarkable turnaround that the Dolphins had from 2007 to 2008. It was historic. But slow down.

The Dolphins now seem to think they are the NFL elite and act as if they have been AFC champs for the past ten seasons. Well, if the Jets are so inferior to the Dolphins, why have they not won a Super Bowl since 1973, only four years after the Jets' last Super Bowl win? 

For that matter, in the past decade, in the 20 times the Dolphins and Jets have played, the results are Jets 15 to the Dolphins' five.

Another really good question is, why it is OK for Joey Porter to run his mouth, but Rex Ryan cannot even defend himself when questioned about the Jets-Patriots rivalry? 

In addition, why have I not heard the very vocal Patriot fans complaining about comments that had more to do with their team than with the Dolphins?

All I can say Dolphins fans is, yes, you are right. The Jets have not won a game in 2009, but don't crown yourselves AFC champs in June either.