50 Years of Arsenal Home Kits from 1964 to 2014

James McNicholas@@jamesmcnicholasFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2014

50 Years of Arsenal Home Kits from 1964 to 2014

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    Next season, Arsenal will wear a kit made by Puma for the first time.

    Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis told the club website:

    We are excited to be partnering with PUMA, a company whose football heritage and record of innovation have a strong affinity with our own. This represents another important step forward in Arsenal's progression on and off the pitch.

    The Puma deal marks a new chapter in the story of Arsenal kits. At this pivotal moment in the club's sartorial tradition, we take a chronological look back at 50 years of great Arsenal kits.


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    This classic kit, worn here by Joe Baker, formed the model for many future shirts. The socks, however, were somewhat unusual: red with a single white hoop at the knee.


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    This kit was a real departure, as it was the first shirt since the 1930s not to have white sleeves.


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    The white sleeves subsequently returned, along with some slightly surprising blue hoops on the socks. Those hoops are now reflected in the modern kit.


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    This kit, which lasted for almost a decade, may be the most iconic Arsenal shirt in history. It's simple, elegant and classy.


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    This was the first Arsenal kit to be manufactured by Umbro.


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    Three years after the deal with Umbro, Arsenal supplemented their income by incorporating the JVC logo into their shirt design. It would stay there for 20 years.


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    This kit, modelled by Paul Davis, did away with the white colour and reintroduced the blue hoops in the socks.


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    It's "bye bye" to the blue hoops on this kit, worn by Charlie Nicholas. Other than that, it's almost identical to the last one.


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    After a two-year absence, the white collar is back!


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    The only difference on this shirt was the addition of some text above the cannon to commemorate Arsenal's centenary year.


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    In 1986, Arsenal's deal with Adidas led to the incorporation of the iconic three stripes on the sleeves and shorts.


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    On this kit, the white sleeves stretched all the way to the neck. Lee Dixon doesn't look too happy about it.


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    This kit was the first to feature a full badge rather than just the cannon.


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    This was Arsenal's first Premier League kit. The Arsenal badge moved to the centre of the shirt. That feature would later be replicated in 2004.


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    For this shirt, Nike introduced the red and white hooped socks.


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    The lifespan of this kit was brief, but Ian Wright's goals make sure it remains in the memory.


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    This kit saw white socks return, and a red panel introduced on the shorts.


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    On this shirt, the white sleeves extended all the way down the side of the torso. This time, Lee Dixon seems happy about the change.


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    With the JVC sponsorship deal over, Arsenal joined forces with SEGA's Dreamcast brand.


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    This smart outfit was renowned for its prominent use of white.


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    This will forever be known as "The Invincibles' Kit." It was also the first Arsenal shirt to feature the O2 logo and the new design of the Arsenal badge.


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    This shirt, in which Arsenal achieved their record 49-game unbeaten run, featured hitherto unseen yellow piping.


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    This special "redcurrant" kit commemorated the final season at Highbury, and harked back to the club's early days.


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    This was the first kit worn at the Emirates Stadium. Subsequently, it was also the first to be emblazoned with the Emirates logo. It featured a gold stripe on the side of the shirt.


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    With the exception of the redcurrant shirt, this was the first kit without full white sleeves since 1996.


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    This wonderfully simple shirt is still beloved by Arsenal fans. It's uncomplicated and unmistakably Arsenal.


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    This kit featured a special badge to commemorate the club's 125th anniversary.


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    The current Arsenal kit includes the blue hoops from the 1960s.


    Which is your favourite? What should the new kit look like? Let us know below.