WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Review: Biggest Stars of the Night

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Review: Biggest Stars of the Night

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    WWE's 2014 Elimination Chamber event is the last chance for things to change on the Road to WrestleMania, but not everyone can take the opportunity and run with it.

    Six men fought in the Elimination Chamber match itself, attempting to validate their main event status in the company.

    Titus O'Neil boasted that it was time for him to take a step up in the company. Did he accomplish that goal?

    The WWE is not big enough for The Shield and The Wyatt Family, so which side looked better at the end of the night?

    Who else stood out on the pay-per-view, delivering quality performances or getting huge victories?

    It's time to review the biggest stars of the evening.

Bad News Barrett

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    It may seem odd, but having Bad News Barrett come out after nearly every match ended up being one of the most entertaining parts of the event.

    Barrett was able to keep things fun and turn things around with funny jokes, especially after following some rather bland matches.

    It may not build toward anything for WrestleMania for him, but Barrett's repeated appearances were definitely something fans could talk about tomorrow night.

    In an event filled with mediocre performances in a large number of matches, Barrett stands out as someone who was consistently on his game Sunday night.

The Shield

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    Roman Reigns has been on a tear recently, which didn't stop here, but Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins also shone on Sunday night.

    All three members of The Shield looked better than ever, proving once more they are three of the most talented members of the roster today.

    For the past year, these three men have been cornerstones of every event and have only continued to improve.

    Ambrose was able to look like a madman and someone worthy of the United States Championship, instead of someone who dodges challenges.

    Rollins looked like one of the strongest and most entertaining people of the bunch instead of the weak link on the team he's been booked as in the past.

    Naturally, Reigns looked strong as well, particularly at the end of the match when he was almost able to come out with a win despite the disadvantage of being outnumbered.

    This was easily one of the best matches of the night, and every member of The Shield is responsible for that happening.

The Wyatt Family

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    The Shield weren't the only ones we can give credit to for the great six-man tag match at this event, as The Wyatt Family did extremely well, too.

    Just as it would have been easy to make Roman Reigns the only star on his team, WWE could have booked Bray Wyatt as the only valuable member of The Wyatt Family's side of things, but that didn't happen.

    Erick Rowan held his own throughout the match and didn't come off as awkward as he's done in the past.

    Luke Harper in particular really came out of his shell and actually could be considered one of the overall best performers of the night, pulling out multiple great spots.

    This was an intense match with both sides looking strong, and The Wyatt Family coming out on top just helps their credibility so much more.

Daniel Bryan

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    Nobody should be surprised that Daniel Bryan ended up being one of the most prominently featured people on the card and one of the best wrestlers as well.

    The Elimination Chamber match had the necessary point where it revolved around whether or not Bryan would come out on top.

    He also had his normal crowd support in the matches he didn't take part in, which anyone could have called ahead of time as well.

    Daniel Bryan is perpetually going to be one of the biggest stars of every pay-per-view for the foreseeable future, and it certainly wasn't going to slow down on Sunday night.

    Who do you think were the superstars that shone above all others? Is there anyone not on this list that you feel should be?

    Leave your comments below!

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