Full Preview for WWE Main Event Featuring Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2014


Welcome to your weekly spoiler-free preview of WWE Main Event. Here you will get a rundown of all of the matches set to take place and the possible effects on any storylines, or lack thereof.

Usually Main Event is good for a quick three matches, but this week we get a bonus with four total matches.

Unfortunately, more matches means less time for each match, and that typically means that all will suffer a little.

The lineup for this week is nothing special at a glance, but there is a five-on-five tag match that has the potential to provide a couple of exciting spots and a couple singles bouts that could surprise us all.

Let's take a look at the matches scheduled for Main Event this week.


3MB and Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores and The Brotherhood

This is the one match on the card that might actually be somewhat exciting, but it will probably be a huge mess.

Matches with 10 people typically don't allow for anyone to get too much time, and odds are good that all hell will break loose pretty quickly.

Other than Ryback and Curtis Axel, everyone in this match has some high-flying ability, which could lead to some interesting spots.

Since none of the people involved are in any kind of feud or storyline at the moment, a win or loss means very little, but the babyface team seems more likely to pick up the win at this point.


Aksana and Alicia Fox vs. Eva Marie and Natalya

This is more of the same thing we have been seeing for months. The Total Divas taking on the regular Divas has been commonplace, and it is wearing thin.

The most interesting thing to see in this match will be the crowd's reaction to Eva Marie. She has not been received well by fans so far, and even though she is a babyface, teaming with Natalya is probably not going to make thing any better for Big Red.

Aksana and Alicia Fox have been teaming regularly for quite some time, and seeing them pick up a win would be a nice change of pace, but most fans won't care either way.

Divas wrestling is an acquired taste. You either like it or you don't, and even the ones who like it find plenty to complain about.

Again, nobody gains much from a win or loss in this one.


Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

This is the one match on the card with some meaning. After picking up a win at Elimination Chamber, Titus O'Neil will have a rematch against Darren Young.

The former Prime Time Players did not get a lot of time on Sunday to make their match stand out, so hopefully Wednesday sees them step up and put on a good show.

Considering Titus picked up the pay-per-view win, it would not be surprising to see Young get the win this time.

WWE should keep this feud going for a bit, and having the two men trade wins would make the two see more evenly matched.

Both men are very talented, so this could surprise everyone and end up being the best match of the night.


Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Sin Cara went from being billed as the next Rey Mysterio to being a passed off gimmick with little to no push whatsoever.

Damien Sandow went from being the best thing on the mic and a shoe-in for the World title to being jobbed out to whoever needs a quick win.

With both men being in a bit of a slump, a win for either of them on TV could mean a lot at this point.

Both of these men are very talented in the ring and hopefully we get to see them utilize all the tools they have at their disposal to put on a good match.

That's it for this week. Are you looking forward to any of the matches set for Main Event, or is this week's show skippable?


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