Brodus Clay, the New Age Outlaws and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2014

Brodus Clay, the New Age Outlaws and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Brodus Clay and The New Age Outlaws are the latest Superstars to invade WWE NXT.

    Clay has recently been more busy at WWE developmental than he has on WWE Raw or SmackDown. The tag team champions are set to be a part of NXT ArRIVAL on Feb. 27, perhaps meeting up with another pair of titleholders.

    In other NXT news, Prince Devitt is far from signing a deal, Tommy Maclin got renamed and the prospects at the WWE Performance Center welcomed an unexpected visitor.

    From the latest word on NXT ArRIVAL to show what Clay has been doing in Florida, the following is a look at all the happenings in WWE's developmental system.

NXT: Arrival Notes

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    The New Age Outlaws coming to NXT?
    The New Age Outlaws coming to NXT?Credit:

    The first live event to air on the WWE Network will focus on NXT, but there will be plenty of WWE faces onscreen as well.

    NXT: Arrival already has a Women's Championship match and an NXT title bout scheduled, but there could be a champion vs. champion match added. Marc Middleton of reports "With The New Age Outlaws confirmed to appear, there's speculation that they may face NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension."

    The show is sure to feature more than just Paige vs. Emma, Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro. The Ascension have no competition among their peers. Bringing in the vets to work with them is an intriguing idea.

    Another former member of D-Generation X was supposed to join Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, but plans has reportedly changed.

    According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, "Shawn Michaels, who at one point was advertised as appearing on the NXT Arrival event this Thursday, will not be appearing."

    There's no word yet on the reason for the schedule change. Bret Hart, Paul Heyman, Kevin Nash and several others will be there, so WWE doesn't necessarily need Michaels to show. But having him put over one of the prospects backstage would have been a great boost for them.

Prospect Gets New Name

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    Tommy Maclin, formerly of Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, signed with the company last December, per Marc Middleton of He took the next step in his NXT journey, getting a new ring name.

    As reported by Daniel Pena of, Maclin has been renamed "Stephen Kupryk." Maclin/Kupryk has already begun to use the new name on Twitter.

    While fans too often trash WWE's name-creating skills, this is a case where it's hard to find the positives of the new moniker.

    It's not catchy or particularly tough-sounding. Kupryk is the kind of name wrestling bookers look to change to something easier to spell and easier to say, not the other way around.

Prince Devitt Update

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    The last few months have had Prince Devitt fans anticipating his possible move from New Japan Pro Wrestling to WWE. The latest word on whether he will sign a developmental contract won't please those fans.

    In an interview with Ryan Devlin of The Wrestling Mania Show, Devitt said the following:

    Of course it's on my radar; it'd be silly of me to say it's not on my wish list of things to do in life. It's very flattering because I grew up watching WWE, but to be even considered employable by a company like that is a big honor for me. I'm very happy with what I'm doing now, but if the situation came up and it was the right move, I'd like to try it.

    Devitt sounds like he's not coming to Full Sail University any time soon. He appears to be open to making that move, but these aren't the words of a man who is close to signing a deal.

    From this interview, it also sounds like WWE is more interested in him than the other way around. If that's the case, he has leverage that most potential signees don't have.

Prospects Hear Presentation on Equality

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    NXT wrestlers got trained in a most unexpected way—taking in a lesson on tolerance, respect and equality. 

    The old hard-nosed wrestling schools of the past would have never even thought to do something like this. WWE, though, is simply in tune with a changing world.

    Patrick Burke of the You Can Play Project  (h/t WrestlingInc.comvisited the WWE Performance Center to give a speech to NXT's prospects. Burke's work focuses on gay athletes being accepted in the sports world without having to suffer discrimination.

    Several prospects, including Charlotte, took to Twitter to thank Burke for his words. Burke also tweeted a shot of himself at the Performance Center—just the latest place he has taken his message.

Live Events Notes

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    Brodus Clay in action on Raw
    Brodus Clay in action on RawCredit:

    It's not often one can say that Brodus Clay has been at NXT events more in a given week than Sami Zayn, but "The Funkasaurus" is apparently doing his gyrations at WWE developmental as of late, while Zayn was a no-show.

    According to Marc Middleton of, "Clay has been working out at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week. He will be working Saturday's NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida also."

    There has been no word if this is just another cameo from a main-roster Superstar, but this along with Clay's absence from WWE Raw lately, is sure to create some speculation.

    Is WWE sending him down to tune up his game or perhaps just to give the NXT wrestlers a big man to work with?

    Zayn reportedly missed out on a NXT event, one that even his recently injured leg wouldn't have prevented him from attending.

    Marc Middleton reports, "NXT star Sami Zayn was scheduled to participate in a meet & greet at tonight's WWE NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida but did not appear."

    Before anyone assumes he was being delinquent in his duties, this may just be due to WWE changing his schedule around. Zayn is scheduled to face Cesaro at NXT ArRIVAL—a clash that he most certainly will not miss.