Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas Square Off in Ridiculous Fisher Price Shootout

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 28, 2014


Who wants to watch two grown men play Fisher Price basketball with a zeal typically reserved for school children?

If this sounds up your alley, prepare to feast your eyes on this shootout between Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard and the baller in exile recently faced off in what can only be described as a battle of plastic rim titans. Thankfully, Swaggy P uploaded footage from the competition to Instagram, where it was spotted by John Ferensen of

The two men played on what appears to be a Fisher Price version of a Goalrilla. To put it mildly, things got real.

Warning: Videos contain NSFW language and grown men swiveling their hips over a children’s game.

According to Young, the two were placing wagers on their long distance shots.

“It’s Gettin real in here vs [Arenas] we betting on these fisher-Price long distance shots,” Young wrote in his Instagram post.

There you have it, sports fans. Your new office victory dance. 

Next time you swish a paper ball in the wastebasket, make sure to point to a coworker and yell “Pro-fesh-onal!” 

Also, make sure you work the hips. Always work the hips.


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