Miami Pitcher Tosses Perfecto; Brother Assists with Perfect Play-by-Play

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 5, 2014

A ball and glove sit in the grass at the St. Louis Cardinals spring training baseball practice facility Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014, in Jupiter, Fla. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
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If you have ever wondered what it sounds like to hear a man watch his brother throw the rare perfect game, you are in luck. Jorge Salas was fortunate enough to be in the booth calling his older brother Javi Salas' masterpiece against Villanova on Tuesday. reports that a game which demanded 113 pitches from the young Hurricanes right-hander would conclude in the 22nd perfect game in NCAA Division I since 1957. 

The rare feat is remarkable enough, but then you spot a small tidbit at the tail end of the report.

"He celebrated with his family after the game, and joined his younger brother Jorge, a student radio broadcaster for WVUM 90.5, in the radio booth for a postgame interview."

Thankfully, Deadspin's Sean Newell spotted more than just that postgame audio and also included a vibrant and emotional call of the final out and ninth inning into his article. 

Here is what it sounds like when your brother inches toward history: 

The younger Jorge Salas has the call: "The windup, the kick from Salas, the pitch...swung on and missed. And it's a perfect game; Salas did it, a perfect game for Javi Salas. Folks, we just witnessed history. It's a perfect game for Javi Salas, zeroes across the board." 

Salas keeps his composure as best he can, eventually letting out a much needed "oh my goodness."

If you enjoyed that snippet, you will absolutely love the final inning, which was also captured and uploaded to WVUM Sports' Soundcloud

Jorge had just witnessed his brother take on 27 Villanova batters and dispatch each one. It seemed prudent to give a little disclaimer to the audience, as he does, that he is Javi's little brother and bedlam may ensue if the night concludes with the same brilliance with which it started. 

Jorge's delivery is at times staggered, rough and emotional. In a word, it's perfect. The moment Miami gets two outs in the ninth, you can hear the baby brother's deep voice flow in tandem with giddy laughter. You can almost feel Jorge's excitement and tension in every single moment preceding the final out. 

Salas the elder gets the out, and the night is filled with jubilation and the altogether rare spectacle that is a young man interviewing his brother after a perfect game: 

If Jorge is happy to have experienced this moment, the sentiment is not lost on Javi—the young man who actually dominated the opposition. He states, "I can't believe I'm in the radio booth with my brother right now. This might be better than the perfect game, the fact that I'm here with him."

Well, the chance encounter really was all about dumb, fantastic luck. Deadspin's Newell reports, "Chris Wittyngham, the sports director at WVUM, told us that he assigned Jorge to call this particular game far enough in advance that the starting pitcher was not known at the time."

What's more, Salas' call will live on as the only broadcast of his brother's perfect night because WVUM has exclusive rights to broadcast. WVUM might want to have Jorge around for every single one of his brother's starts.

This particular broadcast may be played on fairly heavy rotation around the Salas' house for a while. 

It seems ridiculous to try and improve on perfection, but this brotherly tandem accomplished just that. 


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