Man Ditches Kid for Baseball, Sends Wagon Down Hill

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 10, 2014


A Miami Marlins fan was officially eliminated from the "Father of the Year" race this week after he ditched his son while trying to chase down a baseball that bounced over the fence during a spring training game.

When New York Mets outfielder Chris Young hit a ground-rule double to right-center field against the Marlins on Monday, one man's quest for the ball sent his kid rolling down the hill in a wagon:

To make matters worse, he didn't even get the ball. It looks like he was hanging out with the man who grabbed the ball, but that won't make the kid's dad look any better. 

It's one thing to go after a home run or even a foul ball during a regular-season game. But putting a kid in harm's way to track one down during a spring training contest is not a good look.

[, h/t Next Impulse Sports]