Roger Federer: Party Of Three?

Julian JohnsonCorrespondent IJune 14, 2009

PARIS - JUNE 07:  Former Tennis player Bjorn Borg watches Roger Federer of Switzerland in action during the Men's Singles Final match against Robin Soderling of Sweden on day fifteen of the French Open at Roland Garros on June 7, 2009 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

The great NBA center, Moses Malone, when asked about his team's playoff chances back in 1983, coolly predicted: "Fo', fo', fo'," as in three, 4-nothing sweeps of their playoff comp.

The Sixers had to settle for "fo', five, fo'; but what will Rodge settle for in 2009?

Its hard to calculate what the French Open title will do for him, but from what he's indicated, the rock has been dropped and the pressure is officially off.

Federer could literally do nothing the rest of the year and know that he had made GOAT history, that he's done the impossible, stolen a treasure that had seemingly passed him by.

Now, that the missing link is his, the sky's the limit. Maybe. He has youth, talent, fitness, motivation and 14 Grand Slams on his side. Quite the psychological treasure trove, no? 

Even his main rival has pulled up lame. And with the other pretenders seemingly stalled in their ascent of the twin Mounts, Nadal & Federer, the stage is set for Federer to have another 3 Slam year.

Who would have thunk that "16" could even be a possibility, especially after his dismal performance in the Aussie Open and his losing streak to Murray and Rafa? Yet, snagging the French was like a cortisone shot to his psyche? How long will the affect last??

Will he or won't he? Who can stop his freight train now? Is he over, truly over the Nadal-Boogey Man hump? And will somebody else emerge and "pull a Soderling" in the next three weeks?

If Federer is serious when he claims that for the rest of his career, he will have NO pressure because of this win - heaven help the tour.

Until Murray shows his mettle in a five set event, I ain't buying that sauce. And I don't believe that Rafa's knee is as bad as it sounded initially. Still, he ain't coming to Wimby on a high.

Don't be surprised if this isn't a 3 of Fo' year.