6 Questions You Would Love to Ask Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho

Garry Hayes@@garryhayesFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2014

6 Questions You Would Love to Ask Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho

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    He is Mr. Chelsea, a hero to fans and players alike.

    But given a few minutes in the company of Blues boss Jose Mourinho, how would you react? Would you be tongue-tied? And if not, what would you ask him?

    The Portuguese is constantly under the spotlight of media scrutiny, with every statement he makes studied and analyzed with a fine-tooth comb, yet he often impresses with a few quips and moments of wisdom.

    He has an answer for anything, so we're pretty certain Mourinho would be up to task with anything we would put his way.

    Playing the role of journalist, dreamer and fan, Bleacher Report lists six questions we would like to ask the Chelsea manager.

How Close Did You Come to Replacing Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United?

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    Can it get any worse for Manchester United this season? This weekend has seen them suffer a crushing 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford against bitter rivals Liverpool and their hopes of creeping into the top four have all but vanished.

    Would it have been any different for the reigning Premier League champions had they appointed a different manager over David Moyes when it came to replacing Sir Alex Ferguson after 26 years at the helm?

    We'll never know, although Jose Mourinho apparently thought he was in the running, only to be turned down, forcing him to tears when he was informed.

    That's according to a book by Spanish journalist Diego Torres.

    In Prepare to Lose: the Mourinho Era the Spaniard claims Mourinho cried at being rejected by United and was furious Ferguson had betrayed him, as this excerpt in The Guardian explains:

    Mourinho [...] thought that Ferguson was, besides his ally, also his friend and godfather. He was convinced that they were tied by a relationship of genuine trust. He thought that his fabulous collection of titles constituted an 'endorsement' unreachable to any other contenders. When he knew that Ferguson had chosen Moyes, the Everton coach, he was struck by a terrible disbelief. Moyes hadn't won absolutely anything!

    In the same Guardian article, Mourinho's adviser Eladio Parames says the claims are "completely false."

    Every Chelsea fan hopes the claims are just that, but only one man knows the real truth.

    Over to you, Jose.

What Actually Happened When You First Left Chelsea?

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    Every Chelsea fan knows where they were and what they were doing when the news broke on Sept. 20, 2007.

    It was the day Jose Mourinho departed the club, bringing to an end a glorious three-year reign in which he had won the Premier League title twice, the FA Cup and two League Cups.

    But what actually happened—was he sacked, did he choose to leave or was it by mutual consent?

    We simply don't have a definitive answer.

    BBC Sport reported at the time it was a joint decision from the club's hierarchy and Mourinho that he should leave, although The Independent suggested he was sacked having dared Roman Abramovich to dismiss him.

    And when he returned to the club last summer, Mourinho was eager to rebuff claims he was actually fired.

    "I read and I kept listening I was fired, I was sacked, we had a complete break of relationships," he said, per The Mirror. "That was not true. Many people didn't believe in that, but it was mutual agreement."

    He alluded to it then, but can Mourinho finally tell us what actually happened in 2007?

Are You Really Playing Mind Games with Your Opponents?

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    "In this [press] room, Mourinho is the f*****g chief, the f*****g boss,” said Pep Guardiola in April 2011 while he was still Barcelona manager, per The Telegraph.

    It was ahead of Barca's Champions League semifinal clash with Real Madrid and added a little more spice to what was already a hotly anticipated occasion.

    What Guardiola was alluding to, of course, was Mourinho's desire to call out his opponents and rile them.

    For the managers he targets, it's an unnecessary tactic, another reason to dislike Mourinho. For the media, it's mind games and Mourinho trying to get one over his rivals ahead of a big match or in the title race. Some go so far as to suggest it's part of his genius.

    Are we giving him too much credit by taking that stance? Or are his adversaries right, that it's just words and nothing more?

Do You Actually Dislike the Likes of Manuel Pellegrini and Arsene Wenger?

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    With his acid tongue in full flow, there aren't many managers he hasn't targeted throughout his career, but what does Jose Mourinho actually think of Arsene Wenger, Manuel Pellegrini and the rest of them?

    There certainly seems to be no love lost when he targets them, especially Wenger.

    Only last month Mourinho said Wenger was a specialised in failing.

    "Eight years without silverware, that's failure," explained the Chelsea boss when asked his views on Wenger, per BBC Sport. "He's a specialist in failure."

    Harsh words, but are things really that bitter between him and his rivals or is it all for the cameras?

Have You Seen Samuel Eto'o's Birth Certificate?

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    How old is Samuel Eto'o? Ask Jose Mourinho and he says he doesn't know.

    “The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker,” said Mourinho recently, when filmed in conversation with a friend by French TV channel Canal+, per The Independent.

    “I have Eto'o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?”

    The conversation caused a media storm the Chelsea manager would have liked to avoid, with Eto'o's ex-girlfriend later claiming the striker was actually older than Mourinho's estimate.

    "I think Samuel is not 35, he is more 39," explained Anna Barranca to The Sun, per the Daily Mail. "Samuel was born in 1974 and so that makes him 39 now."

    When Eto'o celebrated his birthday last week, it was to officially mark his 33rd year.

    Now it's all blown over, Mourinho and Eto'o can laugh about the debacle, with the Cameroon star even performing a mock goal celebration implying he is an old man.

    But does Mourinho know his striker's real age for sure? We hope so.


What Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

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    Jose Mourinho has gifted the world's media with plenty of soundbites down the years, but one of the most bizarre came last September when he described the attributes of his young team with an egg metaphor.

    "[My players are] beautiful, young eggs," he said ahead of Chelsea's match with Basel at Stamford Bridge, per The Mirror.

    "Eggs that need a Mum—in this case, a Dad—to take care of them, to keep them warm during the winter, to bring the blanket and work and improve them.

    ''And one day the moment will arrive when the weather changes, the sun rises, you break the eggs and the eggs are ready to go for life at the top level.''

    OK, sure. We're not 100 per cent confident that's totally appropriate, Jose, so perhaps you can use your pearls of wisdom to enlighten us on another confusing subject regarding eggs.
    What came first—the chicken or the egg?


    Garry Hayes is Bleacher Report's lead Chelsea correspondent and will be following the club from a London base throughout the 2013-14 season. Follow him on Twitter here @garryhayes.