WrestleMania 30: Superstars Who Will Shine Under PPV Spotlight

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Superstars Who Will Shine Under PPV Spotlight

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    Credit: WWE.com

    It is a show like no other, one that creates more buzz than any other in the year. WrestleMania is just around the corner, and this year promises to be a hugely fascinating event.

    One thing that you do get with WrestleMania, though, is a huge spotlight. It is the marquee event in the WWE, and everyone is expected to deliver.

    That creates pressure—the likes of which some cannot live up to. However, there are plenty in the WWE locker room this time around who will thrive under that pressure and really deliver when it matters.

    So, let's take a look at some of the guys who will truly shine under the spotlight of WrestleMania XXX.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Brock Lesnar will arguably be in the match of the night at WrestleMania XXX when he attempts to end The Undertaker's infamous streak.

    Lesnar is a guy who has wrestled in main events at the show before, and he has headlined plenty of other stuff away from the WWE.

    With Paul Heyman by his side, expect them both to thrive in the surroundings of WrestleMania once again. Heyman will be absolutely fantastic on the microphone, as per usual, and Lesnar will back that up with a strong showing inside the ring.

    Whilst it is almost a certainty that Lesnar will come up short against 'Taker, he will put on a real show. The spotlight that comes with WrestleMania XXX is made for a guy like Brock Lesnar.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Credit: WWE.com

    One thing you are guaranteed at WrestleMania is a huge, huge crowd. That will mean a lot of support for the guys who have been struggling in terms of spots on the card.

    Despite his woes of late, Dolph Ziggler remains intensely popular. The edition of Raw that will follow WrestleMania XXX will confirm thatit is usually a show that delivers in terms of crowd interaction.

    If Ziggler is going to be involved with WrestleMania XXX, it will likely be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. You would imagine there will be a big pop when Ziggler's music hits, creating a setting in which he will thrive.

    It could turn out to be a pretty pivotal night in the career of Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania XXX. If he puts on a good showing, it could be the launch of something big.

    Expect him to deliver.

Seth Rollins

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The journey of Seth Rollins and The Shield is certainly an interesting one. He came into the WWE with the group as their most exciting guy. However, the emergence of Roman Reigns saw Rollins fade into the background somewhat, which is a shame.

    However, of late, Rollins has been stepping it up big time. It was nice to see him actively involved in the troubles The Shield had been experiencing, like when he walked out on Reigns and Dean Ambrose for the good of the group.

    In the ring, he is still as awesome to watch as ever. No matter what kind of match The Shield is involved in at WrestleMania XXX, expect Rollins to hit even greater heights.

    His exciting, high-flying attitude in the ring will be a perfect fit at WrestleMania XXX.


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    Credit: WWE.com

    It looks like we could be heading for the implosion of The Real Americans at WrestleMania XXX, as Cesaro and Jack Swagger could go at it.

    The momentum Cesaro has been gaining has been slowly bubbling under the main event scene for some time now. He has been getting good receptions from the crowd and has been putting on some great shows inside the ring.

    A face turn beckons for Cesaroand it would be a great move. If the WWE initiates the turn at WrestleMania XXX, it would be a way to kick-start Cesaro's new direction.

    He seems to be a guy who would thrive in the main event. The experience of fighting at WrestleMania XXX will do wonders for him, and he is another who will flourish in the surroundings.

    The spotlight that WrestleMania brings will be too much to handle for some, but not Cesaro.

Daniel Bryan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Of course Daniel Bryan will shine in the WrestleMania spotlight. The reaction he receives that night will be nothing short of sensational.

    Bryan has been on the road to stardom for some time now, and the company owes him a true WrestleMania moment after the disaster of 2012.

    His interaction with the crowd is absolutely fantastic; last week's "Occupy Raw" segment with the fans was a pretty special moment.

    With so many fans in attendance, Bryan will feed off of their love for him. His match with Triple H will be an incredible affair, that is for certain.

    Daniel Bryan is the company's top guy right now. Expect him to thrive at WrestleMania XXX.

Bray Wyatt

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WrestleMania is a breeding ground for turning good, solid wrestlers into absolute huge stars.

    WrestleMania XXX could see that exact transformation happen to Bray Wyatt. It is remarkable to think that the man formerly known as Husky Harris is on the cusp of becoming enormous in terms of his significance to the company.

    Bray and his family have taken the WWE by storm, and his rise to the top has been rewarded with a match against John Cena.

    Wyatt's quirky, interesting promo work has set the scene magnificently. When he emerges in a haze of darkness at WrestleMania XXX, you will be able to feel the buzz he has created.

    Hopefully Wyatt can beat John Cenaand truly become a huge star with the WWE. But whatever the result, Bray Wyatt is one guy who will step his game up under the WrestleMania lights.