WrestleMania 30: Superstars Who Must Participate in Battle Royal

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Superstars Who Must Participate in Battle Royal

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    At WrestleMania 30, there will be a special Battle Royal match as a memorial to Andre the Giant featuring 30 different Superstars.

    So far, several of the entrants have been confirmed, but many spots are yet to be filled.

    Everyone wants to get on the WrestleMania card, and WWE typically does its best to include as many people as possible in the event.

    Essentially, the purpose of this match is to just throw as many wrestlers as possible out there so they can get a payday.

    But not everyone can be so lucky, so who should be added to this match to join Curtis Axel, Ryback, Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Fandango, Christian, Damien Sandow, Titus O'Neil, Sheamus, Mark Henry and Big Show?

    Let's take a look at some Superstars who need to find their way into this match.

Alexander Rusev

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    Alexander Rusev has done nothing since his Royal Rumble debut but stand and say his name. That's hardly impressive.

    This Battle Royal should be a means to showcase his talent. He should not take up a singles spot, nor should his buildup lead nowhere.

    Rusev's involvement in this match should also mean that no other NXT stars are put in there.

    That may seem like a ridiculous statement because a lot of fans would love to see other younger talent given a chance, but featuring more NXT stars will be counterproductive. Assuming Rusev will be one of the focal points of this match, which will include big stars like Alberto Del Rio and others on this list, there is no more room left for NXT people to make an impression.

    What good is it going to do Sami Zayn to have no entrance and just be eliminated?

    It did Bo Dallas no favors to show up in the Royal Rumble and start a feud with the Intercontinental Champion at the time, even when the feud continued on television episodes following the event.

    Battle Royals always happen to swallow up almost everyone involved who isn't booked specifically to avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

    Rusev is clearly a priority for WWE at the moment and the only NXT star who appears to be coming to the regular roster soon, so that spotlight should not be spread too thin.

    Even if he is not the winner of the match, Rusev could be one of the few finalists, which will jumpstart his career.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust

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    It is unfortunate that these two have fallen off WWE's radar, considering how great they were several months ago.

    Nevertheless, that appears to be the case. Instead of facing each other in a singles match, they are currently doing nothing.

    It would be a pity to see both of these talented wrestlers left off the card—particularly when there is a match that allows for nearly the entire roster to be tossed into the mix with no real effort put into booking it.

    Cody Rhodes and Goldust deserve much better than just being extra names in this match, but this card is filling up fast and there may not be room for them elsewhere in WWE's plans.


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    Considering he is basically the only other wrestler in The Authority other than Randy Orton and Triple H, Kane really should be wrestling someone in a singles match of some sort at WrestleMania, but nothing of the sort has been hinted at so far.

    If that doesn't change soon and he isn't paired up to feud with someone like The Miz or Mark Henry who don't have clear paths in front of them either, Kane should be another member of this group.

    Very few wrestlers on the roster would take precedence over Kane for a spot in this match, and it can be assumed that nearly all of them will indeed be a part of it.

    There's plenty of room for the Big Red Machine to try to win this match on behalf of The Authority and do what he does best: throw people over the top rope.

Kofi Kingston

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    Poor Kofi Kingston has virtually made a career out of being almost completely ignored until WWE needs to shoehorn someone into a tight spot.

    When a transitional champion is necessary for the Intercontinental or United States titles, Kingston seems to be WWE's go-to guy.

    But when it comes to actually putting some thought and investment into him for a feud, WWE's creative team is busy doing something else.

    Being a member of the 30-man Battle Royal is a consolation prize in the grandest sense of the word for someone like Kingston. Sadly, it's something he's used to by now.

    Perhaps he can utilize this time to evade elimination in an interesting way than per usual and get some of the spotlight to shine on him.

The Miz

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    Fans may differ on whether or not The Miz is someone WWE should depend upon and build around as a future top star of the company, but nobody should ignore that his name has value.

    While it hasn't been pushed heavily, The Miz has been expressing his frustration that he is not used properly on Raw; this scenario should come to a head sooner than later.

    If this does not build to some kind of a singles match, formation of a tag team with other disgruntled wrestlers or something else of significance, The Miz will have to be tossed into this match to get him on the card.

    WWE's pay-per-view events from the past year have not been kind to The Miz, as he's lost more often than he's won, has been left off many of them entirely or has been relegated to mere hosting duties.

    Those trends should not continue any longer.

Miscellaneous Filler Wrestlers

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    Obviously, those listed previously do not add up to the 30 men required for this match, though they are the most important of the bunch.

    This is where all of the other men on this list come into play.

    None of them are worth picking apart separately and drawing any real attention to, but as much as they can be disregarded for this list itself, their appearances as extras would be appreciated and necessary.

    Darren Young, Los Matadores, all three members of 3MB, the Great Khali, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, Santino Marella, R-Truth, Xavier Woods, Bad News Barrett, Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder are all people who can bulk out the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

    More than anything else, these men are fodder for the bigger stars to beat up and toss to the side.

    Not everyone can be at the top of the food chain. Some people need to be there to take the hits.

    Who would you like to see in this match? Who are you rooting for to win?

    Leave your comments below!

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