PFN, Meet Logan…Logan, Meet PFN

Fanster.comCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

Every time comes out with a new Cheerleader of the week and it ISN’T one of our girls at Arizona State, I cry foul.

How could our girls NOT get the honor every single week out of every single month?

It baffles me. I guess life isn’t fair.

Oh well. That just makes it all the more awesome when one of our own here in Pitchfork Nation, like Logan up there, is given the star treatment by Sports Illustrated.

From the interview she gave SI, she seems like one of our finest. I can’t disagree with her affection for Oregano’s, the New York Yankees and those great Native New Yorker wings.

However, we MIGHT have to do something about the fact that she likes Fear Factor.

Anyway, congrats to Logan! Go on and enjoy that photo gallery.