WrestleMania 30: Champions Who Will Continue Their Reigns

Brad Jones@beardjonesFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Being that WrestleMania is the place for championships to change hands, fans will be looking forward to seeing at least some new champions crowned in New Orleans in almost two weeks' time.

Whilst the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match might look like the most likely candidate for a reign coming to an end, there are several champions in the WWE who look very likely to still hold their titles when the Raw after WrestleMania rolls around.

One such champion is Big E, the current intercontinental titleholder. Big E was one of the first entrants into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which would seem to suggest that he won't be making a defence of his title at the event.

However, with a two-hour pre-show on top of the four-hour event itself, perhaps Big E will be pulling double duty on the night? Regardless, it seems unlikely that anyone but Big E will walk out of WrestleMania as the intercontinental champion.

Similarly safe is United States champion Dean Ambrose. Just a couple of weeks ago, it seemed all but confirmed that The Shield would be facing off against one another in a match for the U.S. title, but now The Shield seem to be staying together for at least the immediate future.

The Shield have proved their worth in six-man matches time and again since their debut in 2012, so no matter what team they find themselves up against at WrestleMania, the match will likely be excellent. However, since it seems they will be in competition as a team, there isn't really much chance that Ambrose will defend his title at the event, so his reign also looks safe for the time being.

Moving on to the tag team division, the jury is still out on whether or not The Usos will continue their reign as champions after WrestleMania. Having just won the titles at the beginning of this month, conventional wisdom would suggest that they are safe for the moment, but it seems that things may not be that simple.

Cesaro was quietly pulled from the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal earlier this week, which would suggest that he is going to be used elsewhere in the card.

Whilst recent weeks have shown some cracks developing in the relationship between Cesaro and his tag partner Jack Swagger, the Real Americans are perhaps the most legitimate threat to The Usos' reign and the best fit for a tag title match at WrestleMania.

Cesaro is red hot at the moment, and putting a title on him would perhaps be a good way of taking advantage of the sort of reactions he's been getting. More specifically, the Real Americans becoming tag champions would put an interesting twist on their recent fallings-out and set up a Cesaro vs. Swagger program further down the line.

As far as the WWE World Heavyweight and Divas Championships go, to my mind there's very little chance of Randy Orton and AJ Lee leaving the event with those belts around their respective waists.


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