The 20 Most Viewed Sports Videos on YouTube

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMarch 23, 2014

The 20 Most Viewed Sports Videos on YouTube

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    This week sports fans are lucky enough to have March Madness distract them from the real world but typically we're all forced to procrastinate by checking out popular YouTube videos online.

    And as we all know, thanks to sharing them with friends through social networks and email, some of these things just get huge, with millions of people viewing them to make them go viral.

    But which ones are the most popular? Keep reading and I'll tell you.

The Manning Brothers' Music Video

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    Views: 7.7 million

    If there's one thing that all fans seem to enjoy, it's watching anyone in the Manning family do comedy.

    Usually proper and conservative with their image, the video of quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning looking like a couple of rockers made everyone laugh.

    It also made people huddle around their computer to watch it, as evidenced by the near eight million views.

The Jack Hoffman Touchdown

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    Views: 8.4 million

    As you'll see throughout this slideshow, sports fans love random acts of kindness.

    So even though we act like tough guys and argue till the death about our favorite sports teams, when a story like cancer patient Jack Hoffman scoring a touchdown in the Nebraska Cornhuskers' spring game comes along, even the biggest meat-head gets teary-eyed.

Evan Longoria's Bare-Handed Snag

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    Views: 8.5 million

    It might not be real, but Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Evan Longoria at least made fans wonder if he really did save a reporter from a line-drive during an interview.

    Had this been real, it would have been the single-most impressive thing I think anyone would have ever seen.

    To the disappointment of many, though, Longoria was just filming a commercial for Gillette.

Carly Rae Jepsen's First Pitch

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    Views: 9.8 million

    No one likes it when they look like a complete ass, but when it comes at another person's expense, it's easy to laugh.

    That's what seemed to be the case during singer Carly Rae Jepsen's first pitch attempt at a Tampa Bay Rays game, as she failed with a capital "F," sending fans to YouTube to watch for themselves how terrible a person can be at throwing a baseball.

NBA's Jingle Hoops Promo

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    Views: 10.5 million

    Helping to promote their Christmas Day games earlier this season—along with those hideous sleeved jerseys—the NBA had some of its stars shoot a commercial in which they played the song "Jingle Bells."

    It seemed to do the trick in creating intrigue about the games, as over 10 million people have watched the video, so it was a nice early Christmas gift for the league's marketing team.

Shin Soo-Ji's First Pitch

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    Views: 11.4 million

    This one is a little unfair when it comes to racking up views because, quite frankly, it requires a person to watch it about three times before truly understanding what South Korean gymnast Shin Soo-ji actually did.

    Throwing out the first pitch before a Doosan Bears and Samsung Lions baseball game last year, Soo-ji shocked everyone by bending herself in ways no one should be able to bend, before tossing a pitch high and outside.

    Forget that the ball didn't catch the plate, the flexibility of this girl is a perfect strike.

Mario Balotelli Missed Trick Shot

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    Views: 12.6 million

    Oh, OK, Mario Balotelli. You just had to get fancy, huh?

    During an exhibition match against the L.A. Galaxy in 2011, the former Manchester City star thought he'd try a little trick shot to give his team a two-goal lead.

    It didn't work, as he missed the goal and got hauled off the pitch for his antics.

    Balotelli claims he heard a whistle from the crowd, but then manager Roberto Mancini wasn't having it, marking the beginning of the end of Super Mario's time with Man City.

Titus, the TrIck Shot Toddler

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    Views: 14 million

    When a two-year-old can shoot as smooth as Larry Bird used to be able to, sports fans take notice.

    That's what happened with toddler Titus Ashby, who became a sensation last year after a video of the kid showed him draining shot after shot, proving he'll be a future hoops star.

    Titus even landed as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, taking on current and former L.A. Lakers stars Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal in a shooting contest, more than holding his own versus both.

Mountain Biker Gets Drilled by a Buck

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    Views: 14.9 million

    Just when you thought it was safe to go for a casual mountain bike ride, something like this goes and happens.

    In one of the most wildly bizarre videos ever, a rider was just minding his own business and riding a trail when all of a sudden, "whack!", a giant buck came out of nowhere to drill him before running off.

    There have been millions of wipeouts and fails in sports, but this has to be one of the most unlucky things to ever happen to someone.

The Ohio State Marching Band's Thriller Tribute

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    Views: 15.2 million

    The Ohio State University's marching band don't call themselves the "Best Damn Band in the Land" for no reason.

    And as has become a custom of the members of the Buckeye brass, they have performed some ridiculous stunts over the years—with this "Hollywood Blockbuster Show" arguably their best.

    Just a week after they went viral for a Michael Jackson "Thriller" tribute that scored them nearly 10 million views, the scarlet and gray busted this thing out.

    Pretty impressive.

The Kelly McGarry Backflip

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    Views: 17.2 million

    There aren't too many of us who would even try a backflip off something into a pool of padded mats, let alone on a bike over a 72-foot canyon.

    But I guess if you're a pro mountain biker like Kelly McGarry, you're not like most normal people, relying on adrenaline and adventure to fill your day.

    Still, McGarry has to even get a bit anxious watching this sick GoPro video of him pulling this stunt.

The Australian Open's Ball Boy Snag

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    Views: 17.8 million

    It's getting to be the dog days of MLB's Spring Training, so if there's any team out there who isn't happy with it's shortstop situation, I'd recommend giving this ball boy from the Australian Open a tryout.

    He clearly showed he has quick reactions and solid hands by snagging this tennis ball out of the air at the 2012 tourney, so who's to think he can't do it on the baseball field?

NBA All-Star Game Dance off

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    Views: 20 million

    What happens when you get LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard on the same court together during a practice?

    From this video, it appears to be a sequel to the movie Saturday Night Fever.

    During the 2007 NBA All-Star Game, the trio busted out their moves against each other, showing that they're just as good at shaking it without the ball as they are with it.

The Derrick Coleman Duracell Commercial

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    Views: 22.4 million

    As a few of these other videos have shown, people love a feel good story—especially in sports—so when battery company Duracell featured a commercial with the first deaf football player in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks' Derrick Coleman, the video became super popular.

    It may have just been a minute long, but it was a quick story into the struggles Coleman had to overcome to make it to the league.

Key and Peele's East/West Intros

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    Views: 22.5 million

    If you've never watched the Comedy Central show Key & Peele, I'd really recommend you start, because the thing will seriously make you nearly pee your pants from laughter.

    With some amazing skits, their East/West intros were spot on, presenting some of the most ridiculous fake sports names anyone could think of.

    While the first rendition landed them 22.5 million, their encore has been viewed by over 10 million people, and their best act yet—"Substitute Teacher"—has reached over 47 million.

    As I said, you'll laugh a lot during this show.

LeBron James Tackles a Fan

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    Views: 31.2 million

    If there's one thing that fans love to see, it's their favorite athletes actually acting human.

    So even though he's the biggest sports star on the planet, is worth a bajillion dollars and should be careful doing anything that might cause an unnecessary injury, LeBron James couldn't help but tackle Miami Heat fan Michael Drysch following a half-court shot that won him $75,000 last season.

Perfectly Timed Sports Photos Compilation

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    Views: 33.3 million

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing a three-minute compilation video of some of the best-timed sports photos ever brings a hell of a lot of things for sports fans to say.

    From vulgar to sexy to absolute fails, this video shows that people really like seeing things go bad—especially when they're unscripted.

Felix Baumgartner's Space Skydive

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    Views: 36.2 million

    It's not everyday someone skydives from freakin' outer space, so when Red Bull captured Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner's drop on video last year, millions of people wanted to experience it with him.

    The dude was going faster than the speed of sound, so it's no wonder why this video got as popular as it did—considering that's something none of us could probably ever imagine happening.

The Miami Heat "Harlem Shake"

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    Views: 47.5 million

    I know that they're the two-time defending NBA champs and boast three future Hall of Famers, but I couldn't have imagined that this video of the Miami Heat doing the "Harlem Shake" would spread like a damn wildfire!

    The dance videos were huge last year—with a few other teams also showing their skills—but for about a three-month trend, the 47 million views the Heat landed is insane.

The NFL's Bad Lip Reading

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    Views: 51.1 million

    There's a major difference between hearing what someone says and thinking you can read what they're saying.

    And since there can be a communication issue when those two things get confused, someone decided they'd create their own version of what they thought some of our NFL players were really saying on the sidelines.

    None of us are experts at reading lips, but I'd like to think that some of these are close, agree?