Madden Ratings for the New Orleans Saints Secondary

Greg SorensonContributor IJune 16, 2009

The wildly popular Madden franchise is scheduled to release the next installment in the series, Madden 10, on 28 August 2009.

Although the game title may cause some to assume that it’s the 10th game in the series, there have actually been well over 20 releases dating back to 1988 when John Madden Football was released on the IBM, and two years later ported to the Sega Genesis, The Amiga, and the SNES. 

In anticipation of the release just two months away, EA has published some of the player rankings including the complete player rankings of the New Orleans Saints.  Although bearing no real importance or significance I thought it would be interesting to see how the Saints stacked up against each other in terms of positional overall ratings

What jumped out at me most was the ratings of the Secondary as shown below.  Being that there are so many new DBs on the team, this is probably the most controversial and biggest question mark of all the ratings on the team. The players and overall rankings are as follows-

1. Sharper   87

2. Jenkins    79

3. Greer      77

4. Harper    75

5. Gay        75

6. Porter     68

7. Prioleau   66

8. Vaughn   63

9. Young     51

10. Reis      51

11. David    50

Sharper is first, Jenkins is second, and Jason David is ranked dead last with an overall rating of 50.  That makes him the third lowest ranked player on the team above only MLB M. Mitchell and hyped WR A. Arrington. 

Although David has been frequently burned, I was surprised to see him dead last and behind a bunch of rookies who have never stepped foot on an NFL turf. Other surprises were that Porter had only the sixth highest rating, and that U. Young was ranked only one point higher than David, also rating lower than some of the rookies. 

I’m sure Young is no doubt discouraged at sitting next to David in the rankings.

On a side note, Brees was of course the Saints highest rated player, and third highest rated passer behind only… you know their names.

So what’s your take?  The complete 2010 New Orleans Saints ratings can be seen here;