Louisville Wants Students to Refrain from Setting Couches on Fire After Sweet 16

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 26, 2014


Couches are for sitting, not for setting on fire—at least that's what the wise people at the University of Louisville on-campus housing department have to say. 

The Louisville Cardinals are taking on the Kentucky Wildcats in Sweet 16 action on Friday, which means there is the possibility of large gatherings, celebration and household furniture being set ablaze. 

Attempting to stave off that last incident from happening, the University of Louisville is passing around a swell reminder to students ahead of the big game. 

Here is that flier, thanks to a tweet from Lost Letterman

The image, seen both on Lost Letterman and Next Impulse Sports, seems to have originated where most hilarity on the Internet does: the wonderful land of Reddit threads

From there, we have a cavalcade of obvious and rather funny Rick James couch references (link NSFW). But we also get some insight into some college students who will burn just about anything. 

Now, we must preface that this is a comments section, so we have no way of verifying the veracity of the claim, but Reddit user who-you, who features a UConn image as an avatar, dropped this bomb on the thread: "you guys gotta step your game up. We had pianos on fire during our last national championship."

As you can see, college students enjoy cheap beer, parties, national attention and burning things. 

Chris O'Meara/Associated Press

For the uninitiated, various items were burned when Kentucky beat Louisville to take its Final Four matchup in 2012. 

The Associated Press (via Fox Sports) reported at the time that fires broke out despite pleas from the school following a previous victory: 

Earlier in the week, Lexington's mayor and UK's president had exhorted fans to respect property and neighbors. But the city and university were prepared for a fiery celebration after police reported at least a dozen couch fires last week after Kentucky's win over Baylor to earn a Final Four berth.

Once again, school officials, coming from the Cardinals vantage point, are pleading with students to attempt to savor a possible Sweet 16 win without lighting something on fire. 

That sounds like a reasonable request, because most have gone their entire lives without celebrating by lighting that couch they used to watch the game on fire. 

Let's hope that the Louisville contingent is more responsible and sane than their basketball fan predecessors. However, and rather unfortunately, recent history tells us that it will take more than a piece of paper to stop knuckleheads from being knuckleheads. 

Actually, we just assume that flier will make its way into the blaze too. 


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