5 Tag Teams That Never Should Have Been Broken Up

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMarch 28, 2014

5 Tag Teams That Never Should Have Been Broken Up

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    Geoffrey Chaucer was certainly right when he said all good things must come to an end, but not everything ends at the right time.

    In the case of WWE, this often refers to the premature split of a talented tag team, and it happens more often than it should.

    Teams come and go all the time, but sometimes there is a team that works very well together, breaks up out of nowhere and then neither man goes anywhere with his career.

    Unless WWE has big plans in place, breaking up a tag team doesn't do anyone any good. This slideshow will look at five teams that suffered from WWE's tendency to pull the trigger without aiming at a target first.

Prime Time Players

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    Darren Young and Titus O'Neil made for a very entertaining tag team, but for one reason or another, someone in WWE thought it was a good idea to break up this comedic duo.

    PTP never had a chance to lead the tag division as champions, but they came close to winning on several occasions and even seemed like a shoo-in for a future run.

    Then, out of nowhere, Titus turned on Young and became a heel. They had one PPV match to settle their feud, and that was it.

    Both men have been featured sparingly since then, and without either man having a push planned for after their feud, breaking them up seems like a totally pointless move.

    This team had a lot of life left in them. They were funny, good in the ring, had great chemistry as a team and even provided some comedic moments on the mic.

    Nobody likes to see their favorite tag team break up, but it's even worse when they break up and then nobody gets pushed.

Cryme Tyme

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    As with PTP, Cryme Tyme was broken up without any kind of future plans in place for after their feud.

    JTG and Shad were another team that had a unique gimmick that seemed to entertain at least some of the fans.

    Their antics were certainly portraying negative stereotypes, but they did so in a way that made you care a lot less about the bad traits and more about what made them fun to watch.

    Shad was eventually released by WWE, but JTG has been floundering in NXT and on the low card for quite some time.

    They may not have been the best tag team, but they deserved a chance to have the titles to show what they could do.

Cade and Murdoch

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    The unfortunate passing of Lance Cade would make any kind of reunion between these two impossible, but WWE never had to break them up in the first place.

    When Cade and Murdoch were in WWE, the tag team division was a joke. There were maybe two or three teams at any given time, at best, and often WWE would throw two random Superstars together for a short run with the tag titles to keep them busy.

    Why, in a time of less teams, would WWE break up the one legit team they had on their roster? I don't know either.

    These two were talented wrestlers who had a style unlike any other WWE Superstars at the time. WWE would have been wise to get more time out of the cowboys before splitting them up.

The Hart Dynasty

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    Tyson Kidd is known as a very talented worker who has simply never had the chance to get over with the crowd as a singles star, but as a tag team star, he was very over.

    Along with Harry Smith, son of the legendary British Bulldog, these two formed The Hart Dynasty.

    This was a team with legit wrestling skills and an exciting move set. The combination of Smith's power with Kidd's agility made them a formidable team with a lot of appeal.

    Their music was a remix of the classic Hart Foundation song, and it instantly connected them with fans who grew up watching Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart run the division.

    While we did get a couple of fun matches out of these two as rivals, we had way more great memories of them as a team.

    This was another breakup that made no sense, as neither man saw any success on their own once they were split.

    Smith is gone from WWE, but if there were ever a chance of a return, he should immediately be teamed back up with Kidd.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

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    Considering the original Sin Cara was released, this is not likely to happen again, but with the Superstars formerly known as Hunico now donning the mask, it could be possible for the name to still be used.

    Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio were paired up as an exciting, high-flying tag team that appealed to fans of all ages.

    Their exciting in-ring abilities made them a joy to watch, and the fact that the partnership would have likely led to some kind of showdown gave us hope of seeing a classic cruiserweight match in WWE.

    Unfortunately, injuries and abandoned angles kept these two from remaining a team, but now they are both capable of reteaming to continue where they left off. They could even use those weird half-masks again.

    Hunico and Rey could make an extremely entertaining tag team that would not only help the division, but it would also help the two stars actually have something to do.

    These are just five example of tag teams that broke up before their time, but there are many more. Which tag teams were you sad to see break up, and who would you like to see reunite sometime soon?


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