The Secret Life of a Pro Wrestler: Proving Myself to the Doubters

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 17, 2009

Welcome to an all new Secret Life of a Pro-Wrestler. We left off with me doing a dark match before the ECW/SmackDown tapings, where I won.
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To kill the waiting, here is the next installment.
I did finally make it to the big leagues. After just one dark match management thought I was good enough to go a live ECW house show and face one of the best on the ECW roster, Tyson Kidd.
It was a bit strange that they wanted me to play a heel, yet they gave me a match on ECW playing face against Kidd. At this time Kidd was pretty over, he had been on a win streak that was going on four weeks now.
Why would they have him lose to me, a nobody, just up from FCW?
For a long time, we have seen superstars come and go through the WWE, and a lot of them were surprised how they were hated by management and/or fans. They were surprised by how much they were disliked, and were shocked to be told that they were nothing special.
They were always the best where they came from, they were never the lovable loser or anything like that. They were always told that they were the best of the best, and when they heard they were not, it killed their confidence.
No confidence equals no career.
Did it literally kill them? No. But emotionally, and in every other way but physically, it did.
The difference between them and myself was that I was always told I wasn't the best, that I would never amount to anything.
I knew I was not the best, but I was willing to work to get to that level. I always heard that I would never be in the WWE. Yet I persevered. I was always told I would never be a champion, again I persevered.
I worked to prove them wrong.
I was always on the outside looking in, but I would rather take that than to be on the inside looking out. Because when you’re on the outside, you are just like everyone else. You’re just a working-class person making your own way.
You knew what it meant to have to work hard to make it in life, but the people on the inside usually had things handed to them. And when it came time to put up or shut up, they would never be the ones to actually show up.
I was ready to put up, and never be silenced.
It was not that I wanted to be the biggest star the WWE had ever seen, that was never my intention at this point. All I was focused on was just making myself known to the WWE Universe.
If they liked me, I would stick around. Because unlike what most people think, the WWE does try to give the fans what they want.
When we see a new superstar in the WWE, he or she has to impress right away. The crowd in the arena has to like you, but also the people at home, too.
If the crowd is not into you, then a lot of the time you'll be released in the end. Nowadays you’re sent down to FCW for more training, but most of the time they think if you couldn't cut it before, why would you cut it the next time?
This is usually a one time shot, so the pressure is on right away.
If you don't impress, it could be over before it even started. And that gets in your head a lot going into the match. And a lot of the time, young wrestlers make mistakes.
I did not want to be one of those wrestlers who went out and botched a lot of moves. I was not one to make mistakes and be happy I just got through a match; oh no, I wanted to be perfect and bring down the house.
I feel that is what every wrestler should be like, or maybe it’s just me.
Tyson Kidd was on the list, but before I faced him I had to pick a name to go by.
I was given two names by management. They wanted me to be heel, but as I said before it was a bit weird that I'd be facing a heel as a heel. So I may be face when I wrestle him, however, because he is so well known, he may be received as a face during the match.
It all depends on how the crowd reacts, of course.
The names I was given to choose from were Dark Angel or Arch Angel.
I was drifting towards Dark Angel because of the gimmick I had, and being a heel, it worked.
Tonight was the match; would I show anything out there? Would I impress? Only time would tell. I recently found out I was supposed to win in a count out. Sort of like what happened when Jeff Hardy beat Razor Ramon in the early 90s.
There would be some interference, or something that caught Kidd's eye, and he would be thrown off enough to lose to me.
Kidd was actually feuding with Christian at this time, so it was decided that Christian would come out and stand at the top of the ramp during the latter stages of the match.
That would catch Kidd’s eye, and he would start to walk up to the ramp. Meanwhile, I'd stay inside the ring, and would win.
That was really all that was planned, the wrestling during the match had not been choreographed at all.
Kidd was one who liked to know the winner of the match, but ad lib everything. He was trained by Bret Hart of course, and Hart never hurt anyone in his entire career in the ring because he was so good.
Kidd was a good worker, so he would sell anything I did to him perfectly. We talked before the match and Kidd told me that he would let me hit a few big moves, enough to get me a few pops.
Kidd was a good wrestler, who took things seriously. He knew he was good, too; just ask him and he'll tell you.
But what was so good about the guy was he wanted the same thing I did inside the ring. he wanted to have a great match and not just some walk-through.
So I really couldn't wait to wrestle him.

Match time
Kidd walked out to the ring and got his usual mixed reaction from the crowd. He went inside the ring and cut a decent promo. He wanted to issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room.
That would be my cue of course. This was his promo:
"While I am the best in the business today, for some reason you idiots don't think so. My friends Natalya and David are gone tonight because the WWE thought they needed a break. WOW, what a great idea WWE. Give them the night off the same night Christian is here walking around with a bat.
“I want to prove to Christian and the rest of you losers here tonight that I will take on anyone who thinks they can beat me. So come on, who thinks they are man enough to step into the ring with the Kidd?"
My music hits.
The crowd seemed to have a mixed reaction to me too, because they didn't know me, so I didn't expect anything different. I got some cheers, undoubtedly because of the promo Kidd had just cut.
He just insulted every wrestler in the back, including babyfaces, so obviously the audience wanted me to be the conquering hero or something. When I walked in, Kidd saw me and cut a promo on me. This is what he said:
"So who in the hell are you, dressed in all black, even your hair is black? Is that guy liner? Hey--look at me when I talk to you, punk!"
I grabbed the mic from his hand and delivered a promo of my own:
"I am everything you’re not, and everything you'll never be. Life gives you many chances to survive, but one day the end has to come. I am here to end YOU Tyson Kidd! Who am I? I am less than a God, but more than a man. I am the Dark Angel!"
Then I hit a takedown on him, and threw the mic to the outside. I started punching over and over again.
It seemed the crowd was totally into it because they were on their feet from what I could see.
Kidd then threw me over and started punching me. I quickly threw him off and rolled out of the ring. Kidd saw this and hit a suicide dive on me.
I was laying there, and Kidd picked me up and threw me back in the ring. He then went to the top rope and looked to be going for a moonsault. I saw this and quickly moved out of the way.
Kidd got up in pain. I saw this and went for a high impact DDT, and hit it. I went for the cover, 1....2...kick out. I was shocked to see him kick out.
I got up and picked him up with me. I then went for my finisher, the Saving Grace. I had him up then he blocked and managed to get a roll up on me, 1...2...kick out. I got up in amazement, as if he had done something impossible.
I then hit a European Uppercut on him, followed by a clothesline that dropped him outside the ring. I landed the Halo! (Moonsault) on the outside of the ring, similar to what Ultimo Dragon used to do.
I got up and went back into the ring, as Christian walked out slowly. The ref went to the outside to check on Kidd. Kidd got up, and the ref went back in the ring and began to count.
Instead of going into the ring, Kidd saw Christian and went towards him as was planned. He started to head up to the top of the ramp.
The ref was at 4, then 5, Kidd was still not listening to the count and only staring down Christian.
The ref got to 6, then 7, Kidd still did not care about the count. At this time, Kidd and Christian were nose to nose. You could barely hear anything Christian was saying, as he didn’t have a mic because it was Kidd’s match.
The ref was already at 8, then 9 before Kidd realized he was being counted out. He ran down to the ring, but the ref got to 10 before Tyson could get back in. The announcer proclaimed me the winner, and Kidd got furious and went outside the ring and grabbed a chair.
He then started to hit me with it, but I blocked. I booted him in the face, picked him up and hit the Saving Grace onto the very chair that Kidd had brought into the ring. Then I exited as the crowd cheered.
I walked to the back, and Tommy Dreamer came up to me and told me that was one of the best debuts he had seen in a while. He is a legend in this business and to hear that from him was great for a guy like me.
Christian came up and told me that he liked my Moonsault and related it to Matt Hardy's from earlier in his career. I was happy to hear from Christian, and I hope that was a compliment from him, but you never know with Christian.
I was happy to hear from the talent that I did well, but did the crowd like it? That was one thing I had to know.
If they did, I would be around for a while. But if they didn't, then I might as well pack my bags. I was supposed to hear from management in a few days. If they wanted me back, then I could easily be a part of the roster for a while.
It was a waiting game now; all I was waiting for was a phone call.