WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Winners Who Will Use Victory to Capture Gold

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistApril 10, 2014

Credit: wwe.com

As the most important professional wrestling spectacle of the year, the annual WrestleMania event can be a make-or-break night for many WWE Superstars.

In keeping with that fact, several individuals ended the night as the victor in their respective contests. They are primed for big things going forward and have the potential of achieving championship glory.

No Superstar seems more ready for that task than the always-impressive Cesaro.

As one of the breakout stars of the entire WrestleMania card, Cesaro accomplished two incredible feats at WrestleMania.

First, he physically picked up the massive Big Show and heaved him over the top rope of the ring. Second, he won the first ever Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal with the Big Show's elimination.

But the most notable event in Cesaro’s career might have occurred the following night on Raw. He shocked the WWE Universe by becoming the newest “Paul Heyman Guy,” something that did not sit well with his manager up until that announcement, Zeb Colter.

Soon Colter’s other charge, Jack Swagger, entered the ring, attacked Cesaro and destroyed the trophy that Cesaro had earned for winning the Battle Royal.

A hotly contested match started, and their previously simmering bad blood boiled over. As his new manager Heyman clung to the remnants of Cesaro's Battle Royal trophy, “The King of Swing” won the match by count-out.

While a feud with Swagger is probably the immediate plan for the Swiss Superstar, it should not be very long until we see him in much more high-profile bouts involving various championships.

But one title that he will not and cannot challenge for is the Divas Championship, which was won in shocking fashion on Raw by impressive newcomer Paige.

The unfortunate victim of the young Brit’s victory was the compelling AJ Lee, who now finds herself chasing the title rather than defending it, something she has not had to do in nearly nine months.

While it is true that Lee was actually the champion going into her match at WrestleMania, she now finds herself without her beloved title after a shocking loss to the debuting Paige.

But despite her current lack of the Divas title, the former champion is still one of the top female competitors in WWE and is a surefire bet to be a top contender for the new champion.

Lee has been somewhat of a mystery in gaining her popularity. She has played a villainous character for some time now, but she still gets deafening cheers every time that she appears on WWE programming. It is a befuddling situation, one that she plays to very well.

Lee competes on a weekly basis with a fire not seen in many competitors. Now, as rage and frustration fuel her quest to regain her title, she is the one diva in the company that a vulnerable new champion does not want in her path.

Speaking of potential title paths, the next superstar who could possibly win a shiny new prize is the current savior of WWE, John Cena.

It should not be a shock to anyone that Cena is a perennial title contender.

However, with Daniel Bryan as the current world champion, it seems unlikely that Cena will get a shot at that belt any time soon. Through certain circumstances, though, we could easily see Cena competing for another title in the very near future.

With both the United States and Intercontinental titles currently held by wildly popular champions, Cena does not look to be in line for shots at either. But the one intangible that could place him directly in line for a chance is his current foe, Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt has had various problems over the last few months with The Shield, and The Shield's mouthpiece Dean Ambrose just happens to be the current United States champion. In addition, Wyatt picked up a somewhat dominant win over Intercontinental champion Big E on Raw in a six-man tag team encounter that also involved Cena.

And if Wyatt can secure an opportunity at one or both of those titles, Cena could soon find himself in a title match of his own. Wyatt and his minions would likely not waste the chance to win some gold and further their message.

Although these Superstars do not currently possess any of the championship titles in the company, that fact could change any moment for any one of them.

And if they are fortunate enough to be able to win one of these highly coveted prizes, the “X” that their current enemies have on their backs may transfer over to their own backs.